Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sembler's "Town Briarcliff" Forced To Downsize

Town to Village? Town Briarcliff to Downsize! ~
Once envisioned as more than one billion square feet of retail, restaurants and residential living, Sembler's planned "Town Briarcliff" development has been forced to downsize its plans after the DeKalb county school board decided not sell its land ( currently occupied by Kittredge Magnet, Open Campus/Jim Cherry Center and Adams Stadium). Under increased pressure from community activists and groups such as "Stand Up DeKalb", the board had no choice but to deny Sembler's offer of buying the school's property. The project is still going to be constructed, just a far smaller version. With Target across the street and both Publix and Kroger down the street, its safe to say these Sembler usuals will not be a part of this development. Repeat Atlanta!

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