Monday, February 25, 2008

Barney's New York a "No-Go" @ S.O.B. , Phipps May Be The Place For It

According to a contact, Barney's New York will not be opening a flagship store at Ben Carter's The Streets of Buckhead. This revelation coming as the majority of my readers have chosen Barney's as their "most wanted" retailer for Streets of Buckhead. On the bright side, there is increased speculation that SIMON Property Group is currently trying to woo Barney's to Phipps Plaza. While no major tenant space is currently available, the space between Brookstone and Cole Haan has been approved to be built out and made to suit the needs of a new department store. This expansion was approved years ago and would also include the expansion of the current parking deck just outside the two stores. No official word from any SIMON representatives, but according to a contact at the CoOp store, the flagship has been a plan for Atlanta for quite some time, just a matter of getting the right space in the right location. Expect to hear more on this by years end.

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