Thursday, March 5, 2009

A New "Star" Is Born, Abattoir

Abattoir, the latest concept by the Anne Quatrano and Clifford Harrison will open later this year in White Provision. Originally set for an "early 09" opening, the construction has not progressed as planned and the opening may not occur till early summer. Owners of the legendary Bacchanalia, Star Provisions and Floataway Cafe among others, this is said to be the most innovative concept yet! French for slaughterhouse, Abattoir is said to be a "meat-centric" eatery, all efforts will be made to utilize all "functional pieces of an animal", yes I said ALL! Tongue and head, yes, those are functional even if dead. In true form, not to conform that is, the signage will be minimal, quite possible only one cow statue outside. Repeat Atlanta!


Anonymous said...

Who the hell decided on that name? I predict this restaurant will close soon after it opens so you should go ahead and add it to the Death Watch List.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Really? You must not know much about the restaurant industry and where its headed. Just take yourself back to Chilis and enjoy you hormone injected so called "meat". And when Abattoir is still around and you want to check it out...come on in and have some tongue. :)

Anonymous said...

I second that. How evident the ignorance of the first post. Abattoir is actually a fantastic name, as it means "slaughterhouse" in French AND pays homage to the former United Butchers Abattoir company which previously occupied the building. Word on the street was that it would originally be called "Le Petit Abattoir," (which, for our foolish drole would mean "The Small Slaughterhouse"), but it sounds like the name may have been shortened according to recent press. Everything Anne Quatrano has touched has turned to gold--her restaurants are some of the best and most well-known in the city-- so I wouldn't bet on anything but this latest to be an enormous success. Just wait until you see the's incredible!