Tuesday, June 4, 2019

[CLOSURE ALERT] Loyal Tavern Exits East Cobb After Less Than Three Months

Loyal Tavern - originally known as Loyal Q and Brew - has closed at the Parkaire Landing Shopping Center in East Cobb.  The restaurant, which reportedly closed without notice last week, was renamed Loyal Tavern this past March after opening in August 2017 as Loyal Q and Brew.  The name change also brought a change in cuisine, dropping a barbecue focused menu in favor of a more traditional tavern menu.  Both restaurants were owned by the same group who had in years past held executive roles with Atlanta-based Taco Mac and its Tappan Street Restaurant Group.  

An undated sign confirming the closure was spotted in the restaurant's window, but no mention of the closure was made on any of the restaurant's social media profiles, according to East Cobb News.  

A representative from the restaurant provided ToNeTo Atlanta the following statement regarding the closure:

"After much consideration, we have made the difficult decision to cease operations at Loyal Tavern in Marietta. It has been a pleasure to serve our friends and neighbors in the community. We appreciate all of the hard work of our team members and have offered them positions at our other restaurants. We invite our guests to visit us at our Loyal Tavern location in nearby Roswell or Loyal Q and Brew in Alpharetta to enjoy all of their favorite menu items in the future."

Ponce City Market owner Jamestown purchased Kroger-anchored Parkaire Landing in early 2018 for $42.1 million.  It's unclear what the firm's immediate plans are for the now vacant roughly 6,400 square foot Loyal Tavern space, but hopefully they are able to get something good to replace it.  

Former Taco Mac executives Susan Oddo (who served as the company's President and COO from 2009-2014) and Bob Campbell, Taco Mac's founder, reunited to create Loyalty Market Concepts, owner of Loyal Q and Loyal Tavern.  The company still operates the first, and now only, locations of  Loyal Tavern in Historic Downtown Roswell and Loyal Q in Alpharetta.

Are you surprised that Loyal Tavern in East Cobb closed?  Do you think it was a good idea to flip from barbecue to tavern fare?   What would you like to see open in place of Loyal Tavern in East Cobb?

Please share your thoughts below.  


  1. Not surprised at all, the food was mediocre and the service was really poor at both concepts.

  2. Can't help but wonder whether the Alpharetta location is destined for a similar fate. Menu has changed, service is poor most of the time and the whole vibe has changed since they first opened.

    Decent food can't sustain a restaurant if the service is lousy.

  3. I never thought the food was very good. It was like Loyal never knew their identity.....what they wanted to be. My last two meals there were very poor. I had the Texas something or other. It was literally a chicken breast served on a garnishment whatsoever. So no it doesn't surprise me at all.

    Giving them credit, their smoked turkeys we purchased for Christmas were outstanding.

  4. With very low unemployment, it is becoming more difficult to find good "loyal" staff. Wonder if all these new restaurant ventures figure how they will staff the operations during their business planning.

  5. Opening a bbq restaurant near Sam's

  6. It's not surprising Loyal Q and Loyal Tavern didn't survive. The food simply wasn't good. The barbecue meat was good, but the sauces weren't great and the sides were terrible. We used to order the meat takeout, but use our own sauce. Also the concept didn't work - a barbecue sports bar??? In the Loyal Tavern incarnation, the food wasn't any better. I ordered a shrimp po'boy and got soggy tempura battered shrimp sandwich - terrible.

  7. Come on Bonchon Chicken step up and open in East Cobb! Please!! Something different and absolutely delicious!

  8. This place was good. Meats were quality, sides well done, and the inside decor was much nicer than most BBQ places. Did think they had 2x the sq footage they probably needed — bar area was waaaay too big (never came to mind to watch a game at), and there was a lot of space between tables that certainly contributed to service challenges walking from kitchen to far ends (drink refills in particular).

    I know people love Sams BBQ nearby. I think Sams is a diff category, more cafeteria style and old school nostalgia — versus Loyal Q, which was always a place you could have a date night or a family night at.

    Sincerely thank everyone involved with launching the restaurant. Wsh it worked out better.

  9. I thought their BBQ and sides were good, but overpriced. I still preferred Sam's, especially at more reasonable prices.

  10. Omg YES! Bonchon open in East Cobb please!

  11. What does East Cobb think would be the best for this now vacant space?

  12. How about putting up a McCray’s?! Oh wait, that’s exactly what’s going there. I loved the Smyrna location for years. Then started going to the Midtown location as soon as it opened up. Can’t wait to see what they can do in this location with the extra space. Their concepts are brilliant and the food is amazing. Hurry up and open those doors!!!