Monday, April 14, 2008

German Grocer Aldi, Making A Push For Atlanta

German based grocer Aldi will be opeing their 22nd Atlanta area store later this spring at the corner of Clairmont Rd. and Buford Hwy in Chamblee. Located on land that formerly housed a PIKE Family Nursery, the shopping center will also include El Pollo Loco restaurant and various other smaller merchants. Known for its low prices and "no frills" expect minimal decoration of the store and low levels of staff. Their savings at the point of purchase and store layout, are returned to the consumer by way of low prices, similar to Wal-Mart, though on a much smaller scale.


Eric said...

Aldi also owns Trader Joes.

ProShop99 said...

Correction..."Theo Albrecht owns the Trader Joe's grocery store chain and was CEO of Aldi Nord chain. His brother Karl Albrecht owns the Aldi Süd discount supermarket chain. The two chains originally were a single family enterprise until a friendly division of assets in 1960. Aldi Süd operates the Aldi groceries in the United States. So Aldi and Trader Joe's, while owned by brothers, have separate and distinct ownership and operations."