Tuesday, April 7, 2020

[THAT'S ALL FOLKS] Folks Southern Kitchen Files For Bankruptcy, Plans to Liquidate

The three remaining Folks Southern Kitchen restaurants closed March 23 which the company said was temporary, but new information suggests will be permanent.  Folks, like other restaurants that have closed in recent weeks, was likely not the most financially stable and the pandemic seemingly accelerated the inevitable.  The company filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy in the Northern District of Georgia Monday.  

Monday, April 6, 2020

[POPS] One of The "King's" Men Defects to Rival Pop Producer: Both Need Your Support

The COVID-19 pandemic has for us (like basically everyone else) meant that in addition to social distancing, our email box has filled hourly with basically every company, store, and restaurant with which we have ever done business updating us on their current offerings and status.  Mixed in with the many local and chain businesses we heard from was an email from Steel City Pops.  As many will recall, Steel City, named for its home city of Birmingham, Alabama, previously operated a pop shop in Atlanta, but closed it last year.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

[UPDATE] Ten Restaurants Getting Creative During COVID-19

Friday we shared news that select Waffle House restaurants were offering their products "grocery style," and the response was so overwhelming that we decided to highlight a few other DIY restaurant options.  The restaurants below are offering versions of their typical menu items (and even some special items) packaged to be prepared and enjoyed at home.

Farm Burger - "Backyard Cookout Kit" (serves 6)

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

[ALERT] Support Your Local Waffle House or Start Imagining A World Without It

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll not only on human life (4,000 deaths and counting in the U.S.) but also on industries, perhaps most of all, hospitality.  Hotels are running at nearly 100% vacancy and furloughing thousands of employees.  Restaurants are doing whatever they can to remain in business.  Restaurants you would have never thought would be offering takeout (Aria & Umi) are doing so, while others (Arnette's Chop Shop and Bell Street Burritos) have morphed into markets selling grocery and protein items they might have previously offered on their menu.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

[CLOSURE ALERT] Del Taco Shutters Atlanta Area Restaurant After Four Years

In an email to customers, Del Taco early Tuesday announced it had permanently closed its restaurant at 12996 Alpharetta Highway in Milton.  The freestanding, approximately 2,700 square foot restaurant was built in 2015 and opened March 30, 2016.  No explanation was given for the abrupt closure, but COVID-19 is not believed to have been a major factor.  

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