Saturday, April 19, 2008

Martin + Osa Opening At Perimeter Mall?

It has been reported that new a American Eagle concept will open its first Atlanta store at Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody this Spring. The store's name and inspiration comes from Martin and Osa Johnson, a globetrotting husband and wife team from Kansas who explored Africa and the South Pacific Islands, chronicling their travels in photographs and diaries. The stores are designed by Michael Neumann Architecture in NYC and are far from your normal 'run of the mill" storefront. Expected to appeal to the 25-40 y/o demo, expect this store to compete with both J. Crew Banana Republic. Though no sign is up yet, I'd expect them to occupy the now defunct Forth & Towne on the second level across from A&F. There is a significant chance that if the Perimeter Mall store is a success, store will follow at Lenox Sqaure and North Point Mall and possibly The Avenues : East Cobb.


Anonymous said...

I noticed that Know Style is currently occupying the former F&T store. Does anyone know what the deal is with Know Style? They open up in every mall, with tacky signage. They're also in the old Polo Ralph Lauren space at Lenox (TACKY!). They have no website. Who are they and where do they get the money to open in these high-profile locations?

ProShop99 said...

To answer your questions, I honestly don't know who it is thats backing that sad excuse for a retail operation. It seems to be merely a tacky version of "Forever 21". Basically the store carries various knock-offs of current designer styles. The name truly says it all (though the "K" and the "W" seem out of place)! On your other question regarding their "high profile" spaces, it is my belief that with your two examples and others such as M.O.G. and Gwinnett Place Mall, they work out deals with the property manager and arrange to take over the lease of a space they know full well will be theirs for a limited time. There current location at Lenox (in the former Polo space) is their third location at the mall in the past few years. I expect them to be out of that space as well as their current Perimeter Mall space by late summer.