Friday, July 11, 2008

Largest Pottery Barn To Open July 19 At Lenox

After relocating from the upper level to its new home on the main corridor of Lenox Square, Pottery Barn will have its largest store, right here in Atlanta. However, do we really need or deserve this Pottery Barn? I for one am in the mall what seems like every day, and have never seen tremendous crowds in the existing Pottery Barn. The Apple store, which has recently expanded to become the largest store in the south, at times has had a line waiting to enter, justifying a large store. I fail to see that same justification at Pottery Barn. I might also add that I have heard suggestions of malfeasance and fraud of current management at the Lenox Pottery Barn that may have led corporate officials to believe that the store is doing better than it actually is.


Anonymous said...

I have heard that the lenox store is within the top 5-10 stores within the whole company and that this location not only has strong sales from customers who physically visit the store, but they also do a lot of "ship-out" business where other stores and customers will call in and ask for merchandise to be shipped to the customer's home address. Look for Williams-Sonoma Home to replace the old Pottery Barn location when they vacate.

Anonymous said...

I worked at the Lenox Square location for years and am no longer my regret. Before that and currently I am still a great customer. While I was a manager there was no fraud going on and I feel confident that there is none now. The store has a large customer base that shops via the telephone. Most furniture orders are sold by customers coming in once with phone follow up there after. The store generally has a customer count daily that exceeds 1000 plus. It is a shame that you have to trash a store that you dont know the story behind. Sure there are mistakes, as there are in any furniture retailer, but fraud, thats harsh. They deserve the new store as do the customers because they give their guests what they want...great service and great products.