Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cafe Dupri SO SO Closed

Cafe Dupri, located just south of Peachtree on Piedmont Road, has closed its doors, permanently. Having been opened for just over 3 years, it was apparently unable to stay afloat with the poor economy and heavy restaurant competition in the area. Guess having a celebrity owner doesn't make you immune to closure... Repeat Atlanta!


Anonymous said...

horrible food and a tacky restaurant, i'm surprised it was open this long!

Anonymous said...

The day after it closed abruptly, Channel 2 Noon News had a story about (and put a mike in front of) some ex-employees saying their checks were bouncing and that J. D.'s mother (she was not named Dupri apparently but I can't remember her name) had "cooked the books" or done some kind of thing like that. SHE was quoted as saying that if the employees had worked harder/better the place would not have had to close.

Anonymous said...

Channel 2 News reported that the employees stated their checks were bouncing, and Dupri's mother (CEO Tina Mauldin) was quoted as saying that if the employees had worked harder they would not have had to close. There was something said about her "cooking the books" possibly (some kind of financial unethical activity?) also.