Monday, September 22, 2008

Does Nike Need Two Stores In Buckhead ?

With the near opening of Nike's new concept store, will Niketown at Phipps continue its operations? When the Nike store at Lenox was women's only, it was one thing, but now with the opening of what seems to be a scaled down more up to date version, it seems plausible that the Phipps location would close if the Lenox concept is a success. Having been in Phipps for what seems like a lifetime, rent has got to be an issue having a space of that size. While the clientele differs dramatically from Lenox to Phipps, to reach what amounts to a larger more diverse customer base in a newer, "cooler" store, it seems the obvious choice to close the Phipps location. Repeat Atlanta!


Anonymous said...

The Phipps store will be closing early 2009..but you didn't hear that from

ProShop99 said...

NikeTown Phipps is closed as of 1/3/08.