Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tin Drum Asia Cafe Opening Another Location... In Atlantic Station?

Though I'm a fan of Tin Drum Asia Cafe and like them far more than Mama Fu's, I think they are crazy to go into Atlantic Station. They just opened on Broad Street downtown near GSU this past summer and their original location is on 5th Street near Tech, why open in the tragedy that is Atlantic Station? Emory perhaps, even Buckhead, but Atlantic Station, bad move. After all, Mama Fu's was originally planned for Atlantic Station but bailed on the project before it could even open! 


Anonymous said...

there's one at Lindberg Plaza

ProShop99 said...

Yes, that is correct, they do have a location at Lindbergh Plaza on Sidney Marcus Blvd. as well as a location in Sembler's Dunwoody development near Perimeter mall.