Friday, January 16, 2009

Really Bad For Real Housewife Of Atlanta

Real Housewife of Atlanta star, Sheree Whitfield appears to have more financial troubles than anyone knew. According to this weeks Atlanta Business Chronicle, her long since closed west midtown boutique Bella Azul has a tax lien on it, owing the state over $66K. This factoid, a little curious given her current financial situation and the fact that word was that the store closed as Bob, her former husband had pulled the money plug. Within the past few weeks she abandoned a lawsuit against her former husband and former Falcons player Bob Whitfield as she said "he's broke." Repeat Atlanta!


Anonymous said...

Why do those ladies have so many money problems?

Anonymous said...

sallacePersonally,I think Miss.Sheree's problem is that she lives in her own world.You know you came out better than you went in throw in a cpl of kids and you could have a great start financialy.But, noooooo you had to go shopping and basically screwed up the money when you could have use that classy brain of yours and fliped it.please stop using that word?please?saying it dosen't make you it.classy comes in all shape, size,color,Rich, to you my sister catch yourself before you wreck yourself

Anonymous said...

bc they want everyone to think they are rich. they aren't. nothing is owned and everything i leased or borrowed. PATHETIC WOMEN.