Thursday, February 12, 2009

Agnes & Muriel's Relocates To Buckhead

Local favorite Agnes & Muriel's left their 13 year old space on Monroe Dr. in midtown Atlanta this past Sunday and will open for business this weekend. The restaurant opens in the shuttered Cafe Dupri, owned by local hip hop icon Jermaine Dupri. Making the move from midtown should pay dividends for this eatery, with easy accessibility off Piedmont Rd. and close proximity to Lenox and Phipps. You can't tell from the outside but this little joint can seat up to 120 and has a private dining room for special occasions. Repeat Atlanta!


Anonymous said...

I don't think that moving to the location on Piedmont was a good call. Schlotsky's and Cafe Dupri didn't fare well there. The parking and auto access into and out of the restaurant is an issue. Did they do this because that who little area is getting redeveloped for Piedmont Park? I have also heard that the Paragon Salon (next door to Agnes and Muriel's will be vacating too).

Anonymous said...

Moving to Buckhead?! I agree - that might not prove to be a wise move to that location in particular...not sure how well the concept will transfer to the buckhead crowd and how much the midtowners will travel to Buckhead to visit their favorite haunt. This blogger will have to reconsider new eateries in the area as his experience shows that the two crowds don't mix and mingle that well and the former location on Monroe was so much closer to other places to hang out after dinner in the kitsch filled dinner room.

Terry said...

Not a "local" favorite anymore for Morningsiders. Hope it works out for them in Buckhead traffic. A charm setback I think.