Monday, March 30, 2009

Hot Stix A Little Cold, Closes For "Renovations"?

Thanks to Repeat Atlanta reader Jenna K. for the tip on the closure of Hot Stix at Lindbergh. Attempting to dine there this weekend, she never made it in the door. The lights were out and the doors locked, with a sign stating they were closed. For those unaware, Hot Stix is a ripoff of the hugely successful The Real Chow Baby in west midtown. Hot Stix was located in the Lindbergh City Center development adjacent to the Lindbergh MARTA station. Repeat Atlanta contacted their sister restaurant Thrive in downtown Atlanta and was told that Hot Stix is "closed for renovations". A similar sign was posted on the now months closed "The Grape" in Inman Park. In other words, a restaurant's way to save face is to say it's "closed for renovations" while in fact it's closed for good with no expectation of reopening. Though their website was up as of tonight (3/30), their phone number is no longer in service. No official word from the parent company Southern Hospitality Management, but you can bet this will hit the fan this week and they will be unable to swing the same BS for long. Taco Mac seems to be the only Lindbergh City Center restaurant doing well, as My Panini closed months ago and Urban Flats seems to be only capable of attracting a crowd for its "Wine Down Wednesdays". Repeat Atlanta!


Anonymous said...

Tongue and Groove also does well. Carter (the developer) is seeing the writing on the walls and is beginning to market the site as a "night time entertainent" destination. Should be interesting. Look for Fat Tuesday, BAR Atlanta and Have a Nice Day Cafe coming soon!

Anonymous said...

Not the least suprised. Went there one time not knowing it was a chow baby copy and was not very satisfied.