Monday, March 2, 2009

Why Would One Stay at the Wonder(less) W Buckhead?

Noble Investment Group recently opened their second W property in Atlanta, this one in Buckhead. Taking the space of what was most recently a Crowne Plaza, this W looks unique and inviting from the outside, but don't let its exterior fool you. While it may be unique, it is not unique in the way you might hope. A glance at recent reviews for the property on show the majority of guests feel as though the hotel is first a club, and second a hotel. This string of poor reviews has led to their rating of Atlanta hotels to drop from #3 to #92 out of 209 within the past three weeks. The Intercontinental Buckhead, on the other hand, has been ranked #2 in the Atlanta area for upwards of 2 years and has close to 200 reviews versus 19 reviews in for the W Buckhead. One recent review asks "Could this be the Worst W in the world?" while others "Wanted to love it, but didn't..." or simply "Hated It". With hotels fighting for every guest and dollar possible, how long will the W Buckhead, with their mandatory $30 valet and poor service last? It is anyone's guess, but mine, well, lets just let you wonder ;) Repeat Atlanta!


AtlInside said...

I love that our wonderful city thinks its in the big leagues with hotels such as the W. But lo and behold, we can't even provide a southern welcome. Sometimes we are just a laughable little wannabe city.

Anonymous said...

MOST of the time we are. When we do get big names in here, we don't support them. And the little local boutiques all get robbed so much that they can't stay in business. Part of being in such a racially divided region of the country I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Are you dragging race into this???? Seriously??????

Have either of you stayed at the W? I have. It is bad. Worst feature: The bathrooms have a sliding glass door. Have fun being watched by your roommate while you are on the toilet.

Also, I went to the bar, "Whiskey Blue" (Which is phoney, marketing department-driven name), and there were no available tables, except for SEVERAL at the back. We tried to sit there, but were turned away. We were told that they were reserved for the corporate executives of the W!!!!! We, and our money, left. We had a great time at the Intercontinental.