Monday, April 20, 2009

Pacci Ristorante Opening April 29th At Hotel Palomar

Pacci Ristorante at the Hotel Palomar is putting the finishing touches on its gorgeous restaurant. San Francisco restaurant design firm Puccini Group, founded by former Kimpton restaurant chief Bob Puccini, designed the eatery though Kimpton will manage the restaurant themselves. Repeat Atlanta had the opportunity to tour the restaurant last week and noticed a giant Georgia Tech inspired Penley to the left of the bar, a pleasant surprise to say the least. Too many restaurants have come to Atlanta in recent years with no appreciation for local art. Its always nice to see restaurant embracing local artists and landmarks. While we can't report on the food just yet, the interior is stunning. Repeat Atlanta!


Anonymous said...

I saw the menu and it looks great!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been hearing good things about this place. The menu sounds great!!!