Saturday, April 18, 2009

Repeats Deathwatch: Swap and Save!

After carefully considering the members of the DeathWatch, and by popular demand, the Repeaters have decided to make a few changes. Though we always stand behind everything we say, we also appreciate our readers input. Stella Neighborhood Trattoria, scoring the lowest on the DeathWatch poll for most likely to close first has officially been removed. Taking its place will be the sure to close Social House, located on Howell Mill. Restaurant insiders suggest that Social House is quite the opposite, anti-social, and that Atlantans that had decided to be social there at one point, should now find a new port for breakfast and gossip (if they hadn't already). Repeat Atlanta!

Is Stella Neighborhood Trattoria destined to close? Is the Social House a worthy candidate for the DeathWatch? Drop a comment below and let the Repeaters know what you think!


Anonymous said...

Havent been to the Social House but Ive heard decent things...why is it on the Deathwatch exactly?

Simon said...

I went there for the first time on Sunday and had to wait in line in the rain for a table for nearly an hour, so it's definitely still very popular. I would have left but was with a group of friends. It wasn't bad. Our waitress was friendly and the menu has several interesting options at a reasonable price. I found it a good alternative to Flying Biscuit.

I did not get the impression that its demise is immiment.

ProShop99 said...

Having received multiple emails from readers with thoughts on Social House, it was added. Many people feel that they have a poor location, nonexistent marketing and are lacking in management expertise.