Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ann's Snack Bar, Home Of The "World Famous Ghetto Burger" For Sale!

Ann's Snack Bar owner Ann Price aims to have her eatery on the market by months end. After being named "Best Burger In The Country" by The Wall Street Journal's Raymond Sokolov, the eatery has been even busier if even possible considering she only severs eight people at a time. The wait to get one of her hand-crafted burgers can get to be as long as three hours on certain days. Located at 615 Memorial Drive in Kirkwood, if and when the sale is completed Ann has said she does not care what happens to the building. She is just tired, 37 years of making burgers one at a time, by hand have taken a toll on 63-year old Price. Repeat Atlanta!


Anonymous said...

This truly is the greatest burger I have ever tasted. I think she should sell her recipe and franchise the company. I have been there several times and it is a fun experience especially if you are a 9th customer walking in when only 8 people are allowed at a time. Miss Anne will curse you out and tell you to go outside until someone leaves. You definitely will get your fill of laughs here

Anonymous said...

Miss Ann's delivers an unbelievable experience... and very, very mediocre burgers. Don't get me wrong- I had a blast, but the burgers themselves probably sat on the grill for 35 minutes. Very, very medium well and just ok.

Anonymous said...

We waited an eternity for the valet parking attendant. We wound up leaving because no one would park our Bentley. One would be led to believe it was a bowling alley or some other seemly establishment.