Monday, June 29, 2009

Buckhead Life Announces Yet Another Name For Sovereign Eatery

Pano's Grand Cafe, Balon Rouge, Chez Niko, whats in a name? Apparently for Buckhead Life Restaurant Group, a lot. After announcing their new French style brasserie named Pano's Grand Cafe over a year ago, Repeat Atlanta has now confirmed the current name of the eatery is Chez Niko. Named after Buckhead Life's founder Pano Karatassos's son Niko, the eatery is said to still be a French style brasserie but may be less upscale than originally planned. At one point the opening was to be this past March, then Spring, then Fall, a Buckhead Life source now anticipates a March 2010 opening. Whatever its called, whenever it opens, Buckhead Life is gonna have to open eventually having signed a significant multi-year lease. Repeat Atlanta!


Anonymous said...

Where is this space?

ProShop99 said...

This space is located on the left side of the Sovereign tower on Peachtree. Sovereign is located at 3344 Peachtree road across the street from the Intercontinental Hotel and a couple blocks south of Lenox Square.

Jason G. said...

It's on the ground level of the very contemporary Office/Residence tower, near F2O- Fresh To Serve, on the other side of the building. With this economy, and everyone revamping their menu's, hope they have a great Cordon Bleu Burger!