Monday, June 22, 2009

The Economy Rules! Ruehl No. 925 Closing...

The announcement that many saw coming has arrived, Ruehl No. 925 will cease to exist by January 2010. Referred to on promotional materials as "Post Grad by Abercrombie", the retailer never got a foothold on its demographic since its September 2004 launch and its stores were confusing to consumers and expensive to construct. The stores exterior was built to resemble a Greenwich Village apartment and the interior had rooms such as a library and study to keep with the theme. The basic idea was smart on the part of Mike Jeffries, Abercrombie CEO and Chairman, create a store where those consumers that are out of college ( age 22-35) could shop and still get the quality and style of A&F but a little more grown up. At one point, there was talk of Ruehl opening at Lenox Square or Phipps, but just as GAP canned their Forth and Towne concept before it could open at Phipps, Ruehl won't get the chance to outfit the Atlanta market. The one bright spot, Abercrombie's Gilly Hick's chain appears to be doing well and is said to be scouting cities around the country for future expansion. Gilly Hick's launched early last year and is an Australian themed intimate apparel retailer officially labeled "The cheeky cousin of Abercrombie & Fitch". While I'd by lying if I said I understood or liked the name, I think it has the potential for Hollister-like success. With fifteen stores open to date in various cities across the country, Lenox Square would make an ideal new mall for the young brand. Repeat Atlanta!

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Reactionary said...

WTF is "Australian themed intimate apparel?"

There just aren't that many trust fund babies with extruded tastes out there. Retailers need to do some drastic re-tooling.