Monday, June 1, 2009

If You Don't get Ghetto in the Hood, You'll Hate Yourself Later!

With the rumor that Ms. Ann of Ann's Snack Bar was calling it quits, the typical three hour wait has become a whopping five or more as of this past Thursday afternoon. Repeat Atlanta's Repeatant, Caleb, decided that the only way to uncover Ms. Ann's true plans was to sit at one of her eight stools and ask her himself. FOX 5's Suchita Vadlamani and Justin Gray accompanied him on his quest to uncover the truth about Ann and her world-famous "Ghetto Burger." Though originally it was Suchita's idea to go, he had planned on making the trip himself. Inside the covered porch area, they waited in an informal line as those who went directly to the serving counter were rejected by Ms. Ann and told to get in line. Four hours in, Suchita had to throw in the towel to attend a charity event. (She claimed it was for the kids). Finally, five hours had passed and they were finally seated. They began throwing out questions and uncovered that Ms. Ann is indeed selling her property and will stay open for her "source of income" until "someone buys, and it ain't goin' cheap." A Ghetto Burger was ordered to go for Suchita (minus bacon, which is actually a double cheeseburger, Ms. Ann informed us. Don't tell Suchita though, because she thinks she had a Ghetto Burger! Shhh!.) Justin and Caleb both ordered the Ghetto Burger Combo: $9.50 including french fries, the biggest and sweetest lemonade you'll ever taste, and of course, the biggest burger you'll ever have. Caleb and Justin were each able to eat half and took the rest home. On their way out, Caleb asked Ms. Ann what she eats for dinner. Her reply, "nothin'!" Click for the original post.Repeat Atlanta!

Have you gotten Ghetto at Ann's Snack Bar? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments section! If you haven't been, go! The wait is worth the experience of a lifetime!


Anonymous said...

She needs to raise those prices especially with all the buzz! She can easily get $15 for those combos. She deserves a nice retirement after all that cookin'!

Anonymous said...

Her ghetto burger is indeed one of the best you will ever have and she is a feisty woman and will curse you out in a heart beat if you dont follow procedure but is still one of the sweetest ladies i have ever met

Anonymous said...

Honey, I would not wait 5 hours to eat anywhere. It looked good though :)

Anonymous said...

5 hours in line for a cheeseburger?!?! Come on Caleb. Don't you have school... I haven't tried it so I can't say but I have heard its WAY over-hyped. A friend who is in the restaurant biz waited 2 hours last week and was less than impressed. The fries in your picture look like garbage. We need to get Culver's down south. The buttered steak burger with cheese rocks. Its similar to Steak n Shake (who doesn't get enought credit for their burgers) and much better than 5 Guys. I hear US Cafe in Smynra is very good but I have yet to try that either.

The Repeatant said...

Hey Anonymous 3:26,

Actually, no school during the summer but 40hrs a week at State Farm! I admit, 5 hours was a lot, and I wouldn't do it again, but when I re-heated the burger the next day, it was all worth it. The french fries are ordinary but Ann is very particular about serving them from the frier so they are piping hot (pair that with the season-all spice, and its good enough).

I would agree that the food is over-hyped, and your restaurant friend might have a valid point, but it's about the experience: food from a woman who loves what she is doing and believes in her product 110%. I think if anything, it teaches patience and makes you realize that food at our finger tips should not be taken for granted. Ann has made a modest living for herself, but she loves the joy her comfort food brings to those who wait.