Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Caribou Coffee at Piedmont and Monroe Closed

Thanks to a Repeat Atlanta reader, we have been made aware that Caribou Coffee at the corner of Piedmont Road and Monroe Drive has closed. While we would love to have super human powers and be everywhere at once, we can't and thank our loyal readers who keep us up on developments from time to time. From the picture shown you can see all signage is already down. With Smoothie King now in the space that formerly housed Atlanta's hometown Aurora Coffee, what if anything in the near future will become of this now vacant Caribou? Any leads, ideas, thoughts? Drop us a line in the comment section and let us know. Repeat Atlanta!


Anonymous said...

The headline says "Caribou Coffee at 10th and Monroe Closed" but the article says "...Caribou Coffee at the corner of Piedmont Road and 10th Street..." Typo?

The inset picture is from Monroe and Piedmont. A second Caribou is on 10th and Piedmont.

jonathan c said...

Well no big shocker there. I always got bad service at that location, but I'm sure parking was the bigger issue. That and trying to compete with a very popular Starbucks. Will not be missed - the one at 10th and Piedmont is far better.

Anonymous said...

Somebody will snag it up quick on that pin corner!

The Repeatant said...

Sorry for any confusion:

The closed locale is Piedmont and Monroe.

10th and Piedmont is open for business.


Simon said...

I think it's sad. It was the first coffee shop I ever went to in Atlanta when I moved here 10 years ago and I've frequented it on and off ever since. My BF worked there for a couple of years which of course kept me going back. The parking was a problem and I prefer Starbucks coffee but I'll still miss the place.

Anonymous said...

Same here - first coffee shop I frequently went to after moving to Atl 12 years ago. Less and less over the years ... but great coffee. Far better than Starbucks but Starbucks was more convenient more of the time. Miss that place!