Wednesday, September 2, 2009

CVS Plops Down Another ITP Location, Ponce de Leon

Just when you thought Midtown couldn't get any better, it has! Adjacent to Sembler's Midtown Place shopping center on Ponce de Leon Ave, construction has begun on a brand new CVS Pharmacy! As intown residents, Repeat Atlanta could not have been more pleased by this new infill, NOT! Maybe its just us, but it seems like everywhere you turn these days there is either a Walgreens or a CVS. In Buckhead, there are now two of each within two miles of one another. With a Rite Aid up Ponce, Walgreens at North Ave and another CVS on N. Highland, not to mention the two Publix and one Kroger pharmacy, how many pharmacies does that area really need? While yes, the area that the new CVS is located on was vacant and an eyesore, we think something better could have been done, but that's just us. Repeat Atlanta!


Reactionary said...

I have noticed the same thing. My hypothesis is that it is a government-induced bubble brought on by the expansion of Medicare to prescription drug benefits. If you subsidize drug purchases, you are going to get more pharmacies. And as can be seen, the business model would appear to be distorted by the government externality. Huge pharmacies on the same block with tons of non-drug inventory wouldn't seem to make a lot of sense.

Same thing with student loans, btw: colleges/vo-tech's all tripping over each other to teach the same subjects.

Anonymous said...

gross. what used to be here before?

Anonymous said...

As a nearby resident, I'm extremely excited that this CVS is being built. I know that the editor of this site only gets excited for high-end restaurants and retail, but sometimes a good CVS is what an area really needs.

Skreet said...

It used to be Carole Parks catering and when they put in the Home Depot is started making that site flood so they moved. Hopefully the drainage issues have been worked out.

Jonathan said...

To Anon @ 8:12am:

I do not think the editor had anything against a good CVS. The point was that there are already a plethora of pharmacies in the area and therefore this site might have been better utilized as something we have yet to see in the area.

Anonymous said...

Ill take culture over pain killers any day!

Anonymous said...

More ITP Drugstore Saturation:

There is a new Walgreens under construction at the intersection of North Druid Hills and Briarcliff, adjacent to the proposed but stalled The Shoppes at Druid Hills strip center (where the Lutheran church used to be), and diagonally across from Sembler's cancelled Town Briarcliff project.

There are numerous drugstores nearby, and Walgreens already has one just 6 minutes away on LaVista Road in the Oak Grove area.

The Shoppes at Druid Hills was supposed to be the location of the area's first Boardwalk Fresh Burgers and Fries - a new concept out of Maryland - but the site sits idle, no doubt a casualty of the recession. For more info:

For info on The Shoppes at Druid Hills:
(The picture may be slow to load, so ignore the red/green/blue box.)

Anonymous said...

As a long-time nearby resident, I am not at all pleased to see yet another CVS going up in the neighborhood at this location. Now I have a choice...walk 1/2 mile east to the CVS at N. Highland and Drewry, or 1/2 mi west to this new location. Oh, what to do? We are, indeed, oversaturated with these stores. The big box stores and national chains are robbing our once unique and eclectic intown neighborhoods of the individuality that originally put them on the map and made them so desirable. I believe this stems from the influx of suburban dwellers who have moved to intown neighborhoods to avoid their previously insane commutes. They want the convenience of city living, but are unwilling to give up their McMansions and suburban chain stores, and so they force them upon us; hence the plethora of atrocious infill houses that mar the architectural integrity of old neighborhoods like Virginia Highland, and national chains on every corner that force the bland OTP homogeneity upon us unwilling long-time intowners. When and where will it ever stop?