Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Repeat Atlanta & Bring You The BEST DEAL EVER: 90% OFF!

Save 90% off with every $25 Gift Certificate order. Use code NINETY and Pay $1 thru 9/13/09 3:01 AM PST at

Also, don't forget to vote for the best pizza pie in Atlanta! The pizza wars are on and Repeat Atlanta wants to know where you stand in this sloppy cheese and sauce toss!


Brian said...

how does this card work?? Sounds like a great deal!

The Repeatant said...


You can either click on the image provided or the link to Once there, use code NINETY. This is a special promo because today is 9/9/09. This deal only lasts 99hrs (9/13/09) and has never offered a bigger discount before!

Anonymous said...

I keep getting a page not found error at the redirect. Any way to get around this?

The Repeatant said...


Not sure what the problem is...

Try clicking here!

Don't forget to use code NINETY at checkout to save 90%!