Thursday, January 28, 2010

Avra Bites The Dust and Few Notice

While this site is meant to provide its readers with Tomorrow's News Today, a friend's request that I secure them a reservation led me to learn that Avra Greek Tavern at 794 Juniper Street closed earlier this month. Although I was recently in the neighborhood myself, I had no idea they had closed. Other than a brief statement on their now defunct website saying they had closed after 5 years and asking guests to visit their sister restaurant, not much was or has been said. While the same owners do operate Taverna Plaka not too far away on Cheshire Bridge Road, my favorites for Mediterranean are Zaya in Inman Park and Kyma in Buckhead. Additionally, this past week, the Old Spaghetti Factory on Ponce de Leon Avenue closed. Part of a chain that started in Portland, Oregon, the Atlanta location had been open in since 1987. ToNeTo Atlanta


Skreet said...

The Athens Pizza House isn't as fancy but the Greek food is consistently good.

John Marc said...

A couple things going on in Grant Park that you may be aware of.

1. Solstice has closed. A sign on the door confirms it.

2. The former Just Loafin' place is transitioning into something, it looks like a bbq pit has been installed in the front of the building. Know anything about that?

Atlantan99 said...

Hey John,

Thanks for reading and sharing your observations. Solstice is news to me. As for Just Loafin'... I had heard about their closure and that a BBQ place was coming, but details were and still are a slittle hazy. JL opened in Buckhead perhaps hoping they'd do better there, not sure how that will work out.


Pjones said...

I live pretty much right in this neighborhood and didn't really have any idea about this either...guess that proves why they aren't there anymore. I kind of feel this way about that entire small network of places that are on the same street as AVRA.

jonathan said...

Yeah Juniper seems to have dined as the dining destination it once was.