Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Meehan's Downtown Opening Soon, But When?

Meehan's Public House was scheduled to open in November: clearly that did not happen. Checking out the space last week, it appears the pub and restaurant will not open till at least mid February. The front facade is complete, but that's about all that is. The interior is barely started and the space is not small. The space seems to be rather spacious for downtown, maybe too big. With the draw to this particular establishment being alcohol more so than food, I wonder what kind of traffic they will get from businesspeople in the area. With any luck, 2010 will turn out better for convention business and Meehan's will be just the right place to quench the thirst of many a conventioneer. Have any news on the Meehan's opening? Heard anything else going into the 180 Peachtree development? Leave a comment and share, after all, in this industry, tipping is customary. ToNeTo Atlanta


Chip said...

Meehans is part of the Food 101 group. They have good food and a nice bar much better than RiRa and Fado. Should be a good addition to the downtown area.

Anonymous said...

I heard it will be March 8, but certainly intime for the St. Pat's parade on March 13.

Atlantan99 said...

They just had a "friend and family" dinner seating, so the 8th sounds about right for opening to public. If you go, post a comment about what you thought.