Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pollo To The People! Pollo Campero Opening Soon ITP

My sources indicate that Pollo Campero will open in the former Popeye's in Northeast Plaza. Located on the corner of Buford Highway and Briarwood Road, this should be an ideal location for the expanding chain. Based in Guatemala City, Pollo Campero  offers its customers Latin cuisine in a fast food environment. With locations across South and Central America, Spain, China and India, the chain is entering a growing number of new markets, already with three locations in Atlanta. When I first heard months back that Pollo Campero was expanding, I knew this site would be ideal but kinda didn't want it to happen given the proximity to my favorite El Pollo Loco, about a mile away. The Popeye's closed almost a year ago after going through the new store makeover, (basically an entirely new store). Unknown is how much work will be done on the space, but an employee at an existing location tells me they hope to have it open by late April. Pollo Tropical failed years back, and from my recent trip to Florida I remembered why. Hopefully Pollo Campero is better prepared to please all tastes. With both grilled and fried chicken offerings, it will be interesting to see how they perform with Taco Bell next door and El Pollo Loco and KFC about a mile down the road. ToNeTo Atlanta


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic news! The food is fabulous and really blows Pollo Loco away. Great location for them. Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

Pollo Campero at Buford Highway is open!!! They have completed remodeled the location and it is a beautiful addition to the shopping center. Can't wait to get there to try their fantastic chicken!