Monday, April 19, 2010

Hollywood Favorite Pinkberry Enters Georgia, Opening in June

The brand that many say was the domestic originator of the now wildly popular "FroYo" craze, Pinkberry, will open its first Atlanta area location in Cobb county this June. While construction just started this past week, the franchisee offered samples of the yogurt in the parking lot adjacent to his upcoming location this past weekend. At 2937 Cobb Parkway SE, the new Pinkberry is located in the same shopping center as LA Fitness , Toys "R" Us and Hooters and will be the first of many planned for the Atlanta market. Previously there was word Pinkberry would first open in Buckhead, but the Cobb Parkway site will instead be their first location. While local FroYo shops including Yoforia, The Yogurt Tap, Yoreka, Juicy Green, Yogli Mogli and Jujubees already have a presence in the area, new entrants seem to be coming in droves. YogenFruz and Red Mango announced a number of planned new locations as has Yogurberry. Yoforia's new Vinings location, like all of their new stores, offers "pay by the ounce" pricing, rather than "by the size." This concept has been very successful and has led to the Vinings location being one of their best performing. Pinkberry, on the other hand, will stick with their "by size" sales in their upcoming location. Look for the pictured Pinkberry tent to pop up around town with samples in preparation for the opening. ToNeTo Atlanta

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Amanda said...

I love froyo and I think this is getting a bit ridiculous, but it should be fun to watch the competition among the various brands. It will be interesting to see if the national/international chains drive the lesser local chains out of business...I'm looking at you, Juicy Green.

Skreet said...


Bryan 2 Design said...

I tried Pinkberry last big hopes...not sure what it was I was in for...I was blown away. What a nice and yummy product in a fantastic modern environment. Good to see a stylish environment with fabulous indulging treats.