Monday, May 24, 2010

Buckhead Bar & Grill Closed, Locos Re-Opening, Déjà Vu ?

Buckhead Bar & Grill, which opened last July in what had closed as a Locos Grill & Pub, has itself closed, set to reopen in late June as none other than....... Locos Grill & Pub! I don't know exactly when the last day of business was for the eatery, but two signs posted on the building over the weekend lend credence to the notion that it was a recent closure. Though I doubt it contributed to the closure, a simple Google search shows there is an unrelated, more upscale restaurant in Columbus, Georgia registered as the Buckhead Bar & Grill. Not to be confused with the upcoming Buckhead Bottle Bar on Pharr Road, this Buckhead Bar & Grill was located at 3167 Peachtree Road near to Hole in the Wall, Moondogs and Peachtree Tavern. Though during the initial transition from Locos to Buckhead Bar & Grill, the owner reportedly remained the same: this new Locos is said to be under new management and new ownership.

As you can see from the earlier posts, many readers had an opinion about the transition and the ownership of the previous eatery, what say YOU? ToNeTo Atlanta

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Anonymous said...

I just hope they deliver.

Muffin said...

That restaurant is right by my grandparents' old neighborhood in Columbus. I was always curious about it as the building and the property are really cute. My grandmother called it a "honky tonk". of course she never set foot in the place though.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

LOL! Will somebody PLEASE get that location right? And now they want to re-re-open as Loco's?! Is this like, the NEW Loco's, just without the haphazard food, dated kitchen, incoherent menu, sleazy waitstaff, and filthy restrooms?

Oh man...

Anonymous said...

New Owners New Locos---but Locos is back and cool as before.

Best beer prices in buckhead and major tvs for sports, a must do!

Every wall and room redone!