Monday, August 2, 2010

Buckhead Barbecue Joint Calls it Quits After 24 Years

Ribs Etc. , locally owned and operated since 1986, closed this past Saturday. Located on Roswell Road near Chastain Square shopping, the restaurant is adjacent to both Cafe at Pharr and 10 Degrees South. Ribs Etc. was started by John Pomeroy in 1986, in a smaller location less a half mile from its current space. In 2005, Clayton Cole, a former employee of Pomeroy purchased the restaurant and in 2009, current employee, Mitch Burdett came on as Managing Partner. When I reached someone at the business today and asked what precipitated the closure, the simple answer given was that they were not making money. While I'm not a big fan of BBQ myself, I would have thought this would be a good location for them and gotta think there is more to the story. Fat Matt's on Piedmont and One Star Ranch on Irby both seem to do well enough and neither has a tremendously better location, parking or otherwise. Just last year Atlanta lost Dusty's Barbecue, another long standing barbecue joint, though readers of this blog have their own ideas as to what caused the closure. Anyone know if something more serious caused Rib's to suddenly close? ToNeTo Atlanta

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Anonymous said...

I've lived in buckhead for 10 years and used to be a regular there. I really liked their BBQ. The last time I went there (in the spring), I ordered a half a lb of chopped pork. It was fatty, and only 1/2 lb, barely enough for one sandwich. The next time I went, I ordered a pound, and they gave me less than 1/2. So I am sure that had something to do with it. No one wants to feel cheated when there are other options near by. I've never understood why One Star is still open, its way too expensive. Now I just go to community.

Anonymous said...

It is sad to see it go but as good as the location may seem, restaurants in this area struggle. Lunch crowds are big at some of the casual restaurants in this little pocket but dinner is dead. I'm not sure why this is the case- I go out to dinner often in this area and Fellini's and La Fonda are the ONLY ones consistently busy...even 10 Degrees South is often slow (although their bar area stays PACKED). Maybe everyone in this area just spends money on big houses and nice cars, I don't know.

A few miles away- Tin Lizzy's, Taco Mac, and Pig-N-Chik have no problem attracting is booming there.


Anonymous said...

Is that an old IHOP?

Atlantan99 said...

Hello Anon,

To be completely honest, I'm not sure. I see where you'd think that from the structure. Perhaps another reader will see this and have some insight.

Carson Matthews said...

I agree, the service did seem to drop in the last year. I waited probably 30 minutes the last time I went in for a BBQ sandwich to-go...and it wasn't the best one I'd had.