Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sushi Replacing Pizza in Virginia-Highland?

Genki Noodles & Sushi is adding a third location. Returning ITP after opening a second location last fall in The Prado on Roswell Road, the third location will be in Virginia-Highland. Strangely, the space they are said to be taking, 1040 N. Highland Avenue, is currently operating as Everybody's Pizza. Apparently Everybody's will be closing in the coming weeks and Genki will then start an extensive renovation, hoping to open early next year.

The current July/August issue of Jezebel features a half page ad for Genki where they
announce "New Virginia-Highland location Opening Soon!"

I called Everybody's to inquire about an impending closure and while they seemed aware of Genki's plans, the employee said "it would be news to us" [ if we are closing anytime soon] Real estate sources have said both Everybody's (the other being in Emory Village) were on the market years back but never sold due to the owners' asking price being too high. Have the owners come down in price or is Genki hoping that word of their closure somehow gets them a better price? Those to whom I've mentioned this story as I gathered details seemed shocked and saddened. I, too, would be surprised if there is not more at play here. I dropped by this past weekend and mid-afternoon the place was packed with families. I doubt Genki will have the same family appeal. ToNeTo Atlanta

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Anonymous said...

Genki sucks. Anybody who says that is the best sushi in town is a moron from UGA and doesnt know any better. I went there a couple of weeks ago against my will, and after waiting an hour and fifteen minutes for my food, I get a weak little roll that was was 15$. We were told that the wait was due to the chef getting drunk and storming out. If everybodys pizza closed that would be a huge blow to the neighborhood. Genki and its overpriced sushi, weak quality, and even worse service will not survive in the highlands

Anonymous said...

The current hubbub is that the Virginia-Highlands store will close 1st or 2nd week of December this year. Supposedly, the owner of the strip where Everybodys is located jacked the rent to where the owners decided it was time to close.

SB said...

In Friday's Atlanta Business Chronicle:

Genki Noodles & Sushi is expanding into the Virginia-Highland area.
Genki Noodles & Sushi, which has locations in Buckhead and Sandy Springs, plans to take over the Everybody’s Pizza space at 1040 North Highland Ave., said Jill Renee Brummond, director of events, marketing and sales for the sushi restaurant.
Construction should begin in January, and the restaurant should be open about eight weeks from then, she said.
“After this location, we’re looking at a three-restaurant deal in the metro Atlanta area,” Brummond said.

SB said...

Way to report on this 4 months before others.

april543 said...

After reading your post, it is evident that you are incapable of providing a fair and balanced review of Genki’s. Calling students at UGA morons because they think Genki’s has the best sushi in town clearly demonstrates you are biased. How could you provide a fair review when you state you went “against my will”? As for the rest of your post, absolutely ludicrous. I find it very unbelievable that Genki’s staff would tell you that the chef got drunk and walked out. Clearly you have an axe to grind with someone at Genki’s hence the lack of objectivity in your post. I have been to Genki’s on many occasions and the staff has been very welcoming, quality food is served and overall it has been a very pleasant dining experience.

Anonymous said...

I think that it is pretty impressive that this company is not only expanding around the Atlanta area but they have also been around 15 plus years. That says alot for any restaurant in Atlanta to survive trying times. Genki is one of those places that is known to just go to & have great time before hitting the town. I think it will make a great addition to the neighborhood of the Highlands!

Anonymous said...

It's not impressive, it's crooked. Genki went around the Everybody's management to the owner of the building and offered to pay a large amount of money to have that space without Everybody's even knowing. The building owner then refused to renew the lease, so Everybody's was kicked out. I'm never eating at Genki.

Anonymous said...

Genki is totally overrated and overpriced, but the ga comment just shows unacceptable prejudice. Your boss must have gone to uga. Also, genki did close for a year or so. Regardless, this is fine with me, as I only go to the best sushi spot in atlanta, taka.

Miranda (Everybody's co-founder) said...

Anonymous' comment re Genki going around Everybody's management is not correct. They may have offered the landlord more $$ but the landlord had been told by 2 out of the 3 Everybody's owners that Everybody's would not renewing the lease.