Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Local Loop... is a Closed Loop

The Loop Pizza Grill at Embry Hills has closed. A sign posted on the eatery this week thanks Tucker patrons for 7 years. The last of the remaining Atlanta area locations, it was one of the first to open in the early 2000's. Subsequently, a location later opened at City Walk in Sandy Springs, and after an extensive addition and remodel, a former Citgo gas station on Peachtree near Peachtree Battle became The Loop's Buckhead outpost. The Sandy Springs location later became Fishmonger and is currently operating as Three Sheets. The Buckhead location didn't last long, and while it was vacant for what seemed like years, it is now Design Within Reach.

The only location I actually ever ate at was Embry Hills, and while the pizza was decent, it was nothing special, and I was not looking forward to a return visit. The Loop Grill and its "fast casual" atmosphere seemed to be well suited for the Embry Village area, not far from both Tucker and Lakeside High Schools and with numerous elementary schools nearby, but alas, they could not keep people coming back. Founded and based in Jacksonville, Florida, The Loop Pizza Grill still has locations throughout north and central Florida in addition to locations scattered throughout North Carolina. One unit reopened earlier this year on the campus of Valdosta State University at the renovated and expanded student union. ToNeTo Atlanta

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Muffin said...

The service at that place was terrible. I live down the street and we would call numerous nights trying to place a take out or delivery (when they felt like it) order. Half the time they didn't answer the phone. They said they delivered but only when they "felt like it". That, coupled with the terrible food, makes me surprised it even lasted this long.

Anonymous said...

Figures we have a $25 groupon thing for them, and kept prograstinating b/c our one visit was so unimpressive.

The blackened chicken sandwich was smallish, unimpressive, came with a small amount of fries.

The pizza actually had a lot of toppings, although no flavor, which is how they always made their pizzas. Took a looong time to get the pizza.

For our local historians, the Loop entered Atlanta in the late 80s and was next to the Wendy's near Northlake (where Lepeep and now the liquor store sits). They always made an edible, albeit very bland, pizza.

Then it disappeared in the early 1990s for a while, had some re-org and/or chapter 11 issues. Based out of Jax, FL.

The Embry Hills space is pretty nice IMO, but the area is pretty dead and I'm not sure if any restaurant can thrive there. It'll probably become a dollar store type schlok shop.

Atlantan99 said...

Hello Anon,

Thanks for the history lesson. I remember there being an Uncle Vito's Pizza there and maybe a bagel shop before that but did not remember the Le Peep. I do recall dining at a Le Peep at Loehmann's Plaza off N. Druid Hills, where Moe's is now, wonder what caused them to close locally? Maybe they are do for a return...

I too agree the buildout was nice, with the tow level dining room, similar to the Buckhead and Dunwoody locations as well. A cool building can only go so far though, it's the food that keeps people coming back, or in this case, lack their of that caused the closure.

Anonymous said...

Greetings, great site you have. The Lepeep I'm talking about was in between Georges Cleaners and the Wendy's in the strip that has the massive Indian restaurant, on Lavista.

This is where the Loop had their nice 80s style restaurant (beige walls and tables, with teal accents and carpeting I believe, maybe some mauve too).

I know very little about what used to be at Embry Hills, other than a vague memory that the liquor store used to be a 'Boychicks Deli' around 25+ years ago.

Muffin said...

i think something could "possibly" thrive there. it is a neat space. the area is in dire need of something. the neighborhood i live in, northcrest, has a ton of young people dying for something, anything, other than the crappy pool hall next to where the loop was. all we have is fast food and the S&S cafeteria in the immediate vicinity.

John P said...

Interesting side note, the link to the pdf file below shows a Three Dollar Cafe in the same shopping center. Is one coming soon or just some sort of mistake?


Atlantan99 said...

Hey John,

Good question. Another reader noticed the same thing. Three Dollar Cafe recently announced a new location coming soon to Arbor Place but I have not heard back from my inquiry as to a possible Embry Village location. Hope to hear next week.

Thanks for the question and for your interest in the site.

Bickley said...

I'm glad to hear the VSU location re-opened! That was the first 'Loop' I ever experienced...it was quite the treat when escaping the Palms dining room at GHP. It is my understanding that VSU has undergone some big renovations, so I bet it all looks different...but I've got fond memories of spending my 16th birthday at GHP when my friends took me there to get some birthday shakes! :)
Any word on the location in Winston-Salem? Wonder if that one is still up and running...

Atlantan99 said...

Hello Bickley,

Great to hear you enjoyed The Loop at VSU. You will be happy to know they remain open in Winston-Salem as well.

Thanks for reading!

Jenga said...

Between the CDC and other offices near there, and the number of commuters that pass this location on the way home, the Loop had every opportunity to make it. The only competition area couple if Chinese restaurants and Galaxy Diner. Bland overpriced food, slow service, and a noisy environment worked against it. I'm glad to know that 3 Dollar is coming soon, as I work and live in the area and go out to lunch often.