Thursday, November 4, 2010

Best Buy Will Be Bigger & Better Before You Know it

Best Buy on Hammond Drive across from Perimeter Mall is on the move, to a location not far away. Having been in the same location for years, Best Buy is taking advantage of the available space adjacent to the new Rooms 2 Go where formerly there was an Expo Design Center (A Home Depot Company). I'm told the store will be larger and may see expanded Geek Squad and Magnolia home theater departments. In recent years, the Perimeter area has seen the closures of COMPUSA and Circuit City as well as Best Buy's stand alone Magnolia home theater store, so a brand new and (enlarged) Best Buy is surely a welcome addition to the area. Perimeter Mall once housed a FYE music store and Circuit City Express but now its lone electronics retailer is Apple. While there are a Target and Wal-Mart not far away, there are surely some consumers who prefer the expertise and product array that Best Buy offers.

I attempted to contact Best Buy's Public Relations department with a few questions, but after being strung along for days, I was given no answers. One of the simplest questions was when is the planned re-opening. Well, apparently it's a secret, so don't share this story with anyone! My guess would be sometime later this month considering the progress that has already been made, the fact that Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and the day after is one of the biggest shopping days of the year... a day on which Best Buy historically offers plenty of crowd-rousing "doorbusters."

The Perimeter store does have a Twitter account but as it has not been updated since last January, guess I shouldn't hold my breath for an update... ToNeTo Atlanta

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Anonymous said...

I don't comprehend businesses that do NOT want to advertise GOOD news. Odd.

randy732 said...

See if you can find out what store is going in between Rooms-to-go and Best Buy, it's a nice storefront, so I assume American Signature Furniture (as the one in Buckhead closed, and there's not one around)

Anonymous said...

If memory serves, Rooms2Go owns the building so I can't imagine another furniture store would go in there.

Atlantan99 said...

I agree that another furniture store is doubtful though I was unaware that Rooms 2 Go owned the building. Great space for something... Toys r Us?

Richard said...

I think Toys r Us would be perfect. It would fill a void left out of the area. Plus, it can be a pain to drive to Buckhead and find a place to park in that congested parking lot.