Monday, February 7, 2011

New Chiefs Take Over Cheyenne Grille

Not even a year after Metrotainment sold their Cheyenne Grille at Peachtree Battle to a group of investors, the restaurant has been sold yet again! Sold days ago the restaurant is now closed for minor remodeling. The new owners plan to keep the name but revamp the menu, hopefully having everything complete in time to re-open for March Madness. With the restaurant having been in the same location and previously owned by Metrotainment for over 15 years, I wonder why there have been three different ownership groups in less than a year.

I'm never one to move for a name change. 96Rock changing to Project 96.1, while not a restaurant, is a prime example of throwing away an established name. The shopping center is always busy and has plenty of neighborhood traffic so I'm sure that barring any structural issue or awful management, the new crew should do well.

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Nom Nom Nom said...

Food here is horrible. Drink special are ok. I think the place needs more than minor remodeling.

Anonymous said...

Horrible is being nice as it relates to their food. The only good thing they used to have were kabobs, and they took those off the menu for some reason.

Shannon Fain said...

When I first saw the title I got a bit excited. I thought Eric Berry had bought it... hahah

Anonymous said...

i'd even take metrotainment back as owner/operators. i remember the last owner telling me that everything was fresh and made to order, only problem is the center of my food was still frozen. bunch of hacks buying a neighborhood bar and think people won't noticed them cutting corners on food quality. people don't know good food but they sure do know their junk food!

new owners won't make a difference with the bad image left from the last set of investors/operators. they need to re-image/brand the entire concept/space. you can't polish a turd.

Anonymous said...

I tried to go grab a beer there a couple of days ago and found out that they were closed. I was greeted by the new owners at the door and they told me about themselves and what their ideas were about re-opening; and I've gotta say.... I was really impressed!!! The two owners I met mentioned that they had been in the restaurant business for a long time in Buckhead alone. Not to mention in the Atlanta and Athens area. The concept is perfect for this area, as there isn't another sports bar near them. With a new staff and a revamped menu; I am sure they will do great!!! I can assure you that these owners are not "Hacks" as some ignorant person would say. But time will tell... All I can say is that me and my family will be there for opening day!