Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm Sure : PURE Taqueria Opening Two New Locations

PURE taqueria, a local chain with four units currently open, will expand to six in the coming months. Started in Alpharetta in 2005, PURE taqueria now has locations in Inman Park, Woodstock and in Matthews, NC. The chain gets its name from the first PURE, which was built on the site of an early 20th century Pure Oil station.

While both of the upcoming locations were reported to have been opening in "early 2011," they have both since been pushed to late spring / summer. In Duluth, a new location will open near the intersection of 120 and Buford Highway on Main Street. In Chamblee, the new location will open at the intersection of Johnson-Ferry Road and Peachtree [Industrial] Boulevard.

The Chamblee, or "Chamhaven" location as a PURE representative joked it should be called, is opening on the site of Buddy's, a convenience store that closed a few years ago. The restaurant will make use of the existing structure, but will also add a new structure, which is a similar situation to that of the original location in Alpharetta. The site is across from a BP gas station and is in front of an existing Lowe's Home Improvement store. Just south, in a Lowe's outparcel, a Zaxby's is supposed to be coming, but little has been done.

I'm less familiar with the layout of the Duluth location, but from what I understand it is a new build out, and should open before the Buddy's site, hopefully by mid-late June. The Duluth location is being opened by the same group that owns the Inman Park PURE.

Not far south on Peachtree, Verde Taqueria opened on Dresden Drive in 2009, and Here to Serve's Noche restaurant will open its third location in TOWN Brookhaven later this month. I think PURE has selected a great location and look forward to seeing how it turns out.

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Anonymous said...

Lengua tacos will be on the menu! Wait, I was thinking of a real Mexican place.

Atlanta gets what Atlanta deserves. In this case, bad Mexican't processed food. They will make a bundle. Stroller heaven.

Anonymous said...

More tacos? Enough already please.

As for the "stroller heaven" comment - that's just rude. It's an awfully large contingent to label so uniformly.

Anonymous said...

I think you people should reserve comment until you've tried their food/drinks. Might also add that the AJC named PURE one of the Top 50 restaurants in the metro area. Take a peak at menu, it's more than tacos.

Anonymous said...

You people should reserve comment until you've tried their food and drinks. Named one of the Top 50 restaurants in the metro area by the AJC. It's more than just tacos. http:/

Anonymous said...

If you're relying on AJC's hack reviewers for restaurant recs, then may I suggest Imperial Fez as best Indian cuisine in Atlanta via AJC of course.

PURE Taqueria Inman Park is neither Mexican nor Latin, it's PURE Toiletria. Some of the worst food I have eaten. Maybe the way up OTP original location is better. Maybe not.

I have eaten at every single TDS once to give it a shot and the lines are full of strollers and whiny brats unless you are deaf, dumb and blind. You need to be if you eat here.

If you admit that this is good food then you just outed yourself as a plebeian with the barest minimum of a palate.

It's entertaining to read what the locals think is good food.

Anonymous said...

PURE is great! I love the food and the atmosphere - and I have been to all of them, they are not into strollers or high chairs that I can see. I think they will do very well in this location.

Anonymous said...

Hey...I'm a big fan of Pure taqueria. I've been to three of their locations and have always had great food. The margaritas are the best in Atlanta...super potent...have two and you'll agree.
The place is loud, full of cougars and definately not a kids place. (At least Alpharetta location)We live in Vinings and will drive because the quality is better than what we can find anywhere in Atlanta.
Just Saying...

Cory said...

Wow so much hate!! The food maybe mediocre but so is Verde's and they have hour+ long waits every Friday and Saturday. The market is here - Brookhaven needs this kind of place serving good drinks. Yeah, there is better Mexican on Buford Highway, but you can't sit and drink Margaritas there all night like you can at a place like Pure. Think what you will about Pure, but you won't find the local Mexican places working up enough capital to build out that old Gas Station (it's cheap on BuHi, that's why they are all there). Kudos to Pure to finally building out that vacant parcel and bringing some more buzz to the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Strollers? I've witnessed stretchers, but not many strollers. They have one high chair and one booster seat per location. I wouldn't characterize that as child friendly. Drink 2 or 3 house margaritas and they'll be carrying you out, too.

Concerning the food, I love it, but I admit to being a plebeian with no palate, not much different than the masses of commoners who frequent McDonald's.

Perhaps a dry cleaner, nail salon, or a car wash would be better suited for that site. I doubt Le Bernardin or the French Laundry are interested.

I feel certain that must disappoint the rich, wealthy aristocrats and their refined, superior palates.

Good luck PURE and keep those fish tacos and prickly pear margaritas coming.

Anonymous said...

Imperial Fez is Moroccan cusine, not Indian. Suggest you adjust that palate of yours. BTW, PURE isn't TDS, either.

Anonymous said...

I ate at the PURE in Alpharetta when it opened and it is full of soccer moms and crying children. Food was just OK and overpriced. At least they are fixing up that corner and it will make it that much easier for another restaurant to move in once PURE folds.

Jack said...

Is this really going to happen? I was excited when this was first announced, but I still see a "For Sale/Lease" sign on site at Buddy's. Did this deal fall through? Any further word?

Atlantan99 said...

Hey Jack,

Yes, I think like the ill-fated Zaxby's in the Lowe's parking lot, PURE was unable to get proper approval for their reconfiguration of the space.