Friday, October 7, 2011

Romeo's New York Pizza Coming to Emory Village

After the Dunkin' Donuts deal fell through at Emory Village, Romeo's New York Pizza was quick to grab the prime space just steps from Emory University. With one location open in Johns Creek that opened in 2008, Romeo's will open in a portion of the former Emory Bookstore on Oxford Road early in the first quarter of next year. The lineup will now be Yogli Mogli on the far left, Romeo's in the middle and Chipotle Mexican Grill on the far right.

While the restaurant offers franchising, this location will be a corporate store. Romeo's features pizza by the slice or by the pie, as well as calzones, strombolis and assorted subs. The restaurant will also serve both beer and wine. With the nearest Fellini's Pizza being about two miles away on McLendon Avenue, Romeo's is well positioned to serve the Emory student market.

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Anonymous said...

So let's see, now Emory Village has Everybody's, Domino's take-out and this joint. I think we're set for pizza.

Anonymous said...

Now all we need is 15 more burger joints to add. Ugh !

Anonymous said...

any updates on this? Chipotle opening tomorrow, seriously doesn't look like enough room left for a pizza joint.

Atlantan99 said...

Hey Anon,

Not exactly sure why it's taking so long but a Romeo's rep told me they won't be open til April.

haizelswarm said...

Pizza is known worldwide, people are getting used to it including me of course :) Breakfast for a pizza + 1 cup of coffee is my ultimate combo day by day, I just loved pizza. Your pizza is simply delicious. Love it!

Haizel from Private Schools in New York

Anonymous said...

Pizza is great but some of the management needs some work