Friday, January 20, 2012

Quick Update on Upcoming QuikTrip Locations

What upcoming Gen 3 QuikTrip locations may look like
As I mentioned earlier this month, the former Food Universe IGA at the intersection of Briarcliff and Clairmont roads in northeast Atlanta will be demolished soon, and a new QuikTrip will be built in its place.  Since then, I've managed to get a number of additional details about it and another nearby
QuikTrip opening.

The new location at Briarcliff & Clairmont will in fact be one of QT's new Gen 3 locations.  The Gen 3 is a little larger than a typical QT and features a wider variety of ready-made food items and additional beverage stations, among other things.  In a recent conversation with a representative from QT's corporate office, I was informed that demolition should commence on the IGA site in late February, with the hope that the store will be open in late summer or early fall.  This timetable is, of course, based on all things going smoothly with regard to final permitting and construction, so there may be minor delays.

Despite many comments suggesting this site or neighboring Williamsburg Village being great locations for a Trader Joes, the chain is currently not growing its Atlanta presence.  Given their refusal to build in Decatur citing "demographics that are too old for their stores," it's unlikely Oak Grove or an area near Lakeside will ever get one. While the neighborhood does have money, it does not have enough of the young "hip" consumers that Trader Joes aims to please.

In other nearby news, two exits north of the upcoming Clairmont QT, at Chamblee-Tucker Road, an existing QuikTrip will be closed and demolished and re-built on a site across the street.  The new unit will be built at the corner of Dresden Drive and Chamblee-Tucker Road. This location will also be a Gen 3, and will be slightly bigger than their current site.  The move will slightly increase the footprint of the store and also is the result of a "change in traffic patterns."  An existing Shell station at the corner of Dresden and Chamblee-Tucker will be demolished as part of the QT relocation.  

The site of the new QT will also include a small portion of land behind the Shell that had to be rezoned as it was not previously zoned commercial.  There is not yet a construction or opening timetable set for this location, but it should be open before the end of the year.  An existing Dairy Queen to the right of the new QT parcel will stay and is not in any way part of the new construction.  No word yet as to what will become of the current QT once it closes but personally I think it would make a great fast food site.  

The current QT has relatively easy in and out access via a light at the DeKalb Technology Parkway and Chamblee-Tucker intersection and given the location of the new store, perhaps it, too, will have a light on the opposite side of the road.  Personally I think the current location is the better of the two, but I'm sure QT has done the studies and has their reasons.  The current location even has unused land to the left, adjacent to the site that seems would be perfect for an expansion of the current store.

The first three Gen 3 locations opened in the company's home territory of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and after proving successful, were expanded to other markets.  Atlanta will soon have a number of these locations with one scheduled to open next month on Jonesboro Road in Morrow.  Another will open in Doraville just inside 285, on the site of another former Shell station. Another location is planned for Suwanee at Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road and Satellite Boulevard, not far from QuikTrip's local headquarters.  My contact at QuikTrip tells me that the Doraville location should be open in late March and the Suwanee location will follow in mid April.  Henry County will also get a Gen 3 location later this year in Locust Grove.

Another Gen 3 location was proposed at Ormewood and Moreland Avenues in Ormewood Park, but after fierce opposition from the neighborhood, QT will not build on that site though they have stated they are still interested in the area.  

Have you been to a QT Gen 3 store?  If so, what were your thoughts?  Do you think the move across the street on Chamblee-Tucker makes sense?  What would you like to see open in place of the current QT once it closes? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.  

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Anonymous said...

Dear QT, please come to Cheshire Bridge and knock down any one of the 99 nasty gas stations that currently serve the area.

mindspringyahoo said...

I like the current Chamblee Tucker (CT) location better too. The traffic pattern is such that in the afternoon, most of the traffic goes east/south and the new location will be on the right. I guess they figure that there will be more money with the new location.

Dresden has a stop sign at CT I believe, and this is a mess, sometimes dangerous when cars make a left from CT to Dresden, or try to make a left from Dresden. I hope that some improvement is done here.

I don't think that there's enough hustle and bustle to support a fastfood at the current location.

Prediction: the current location will become an auto emissions drive thru or a sparkling new storage unit rental place.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible this is what is happening to the Shell Station in Midtown on Peachtree Street at Peachtree Circle?

Atlantan99 said...

@ Anon,

You make a good observation but I gotta think real estate is too expensive for them to make that happen. Additionally, the adjacent land ( to the left of the shell) is currently green space and I doubt the neighborhood would support it being developed for a gas station. Without the additional land, the parcel is too small for a QT, especially a Gen 3. Just my two cents but who knows.

Thanks for reading the blog and for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news here...because everyone gives a shit about where the next gas station is going to be.

TheJohnP said...

As that QT on Chamblee Tucker is the one I go to the most frequently, this is interesting news. The QT seems to be on a much bigger parcel and way busier than the Shell, but I'm sure they'd studied to see how many people turn in right vs those turning in left (at least I suppose they would before making a decision like this). I imagine they are hoping to cater to people accessing 85 on their commute to work.

Not sure what would make sense to take over their current spot. But there's that burned down Latino bar across DeKalb Technology Pkwy that really needs to get revamped before QT's site gets taken over. Maybe a space for a Pollo Tropical?

Anonymous said...

It can't be built soon enough!! Hopefully before the crackpots in this neighborhood decide to "protest" it. Truly I wish these people would get a life and start supporting something rather than constantly trying to stop any kind of progress.

bogeyman4 said...

How about a RaceTrak at QTs current location on Chamblee-Tucker Road. Their gas and other products are usually cheaper than QT. This way you could turn right in and out no matter which way you're going and patronize both stores.

Atlantan99 said...

Hi bogeyman4,

I did not explicitly say it in the post but it is my belief that QuikTrip owns the land at their current location and as such, would not allow RaceTrac to open there. Similarly, Kroger owns the leases and in some cases the land at some of its former locations and those it purchased when Harris Teeter left the market. Some of these have sat vacant as Kroger will not allow another grocery store to open in the spaces. I believe this is common practice in the industry.

Thanks for reading the blog and for the comment.

Anonymous said...

I hope QT's Gen3 template includes at least *planning* for electric car charging. Just spend a tiny bit more money and bury some heavy gauge wiring out to a few of the storefront parking spots, and in the future it will be a lot cheaper for them to put in charging stations.

As for the charging stations themselves, they can opt for the cheaper but slower "Level 2" chargers, or the faster "DC Fast Charger" stations, which can give an EV a quick charge-up in 20 minutes. Their competitors are already starting to do this.

But it all starts with burying the wire, and the best time to do that is when you have the ground torn up anyway!

Billy said...

I wish we would get a Quik Trip on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs south of Abernathy. All the gas stations from Piedmont to Abernathy along Roswell Road pretty much blow.

Simon said...

I can't say I have ever been excited about a new gas station opening but I am all for QT's expansion: generally the cheapest gas available as well as the cleanest, most well-stocked convenience stores staffed by friendly, efficient people. Their new generation facilities sound even better. This is some good news in a still pretty grim economy.

Rebecca said...

as a neighbor to the old IGA on clairmont, we are thrilled that it is gone. it was not maintained & while i feel bad for the older people who shopped there, they deserve better than that IGA. we too were hoping for a Trader Joe's, and i can't believe the Trader Joe's poeple think that the neighborhood wouldn't support it. whole foods thrives just 2 miles away. i'm not particularly excited about a QT, but at least it will start the "clean up" of that corner.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I grew up Tulsa and have been going to QT's for 25 years.

My last trip back I was in one of the Gen3 stores ... and yes, much more ready to go food and bigger selection of items and bigger stores ... very nice.

They were known in Tulsa to do exactly what they're doing here ... relocating to better locations (even if it's just the other side of the street). The main reason for QT's success is it's site selection. One of the top site selection research firms in the US in in Oklahoma (Broken Arrow, i think)..I know QT has used in the past, not sure if they still do.

QT is a top shelf outfit.

Anonymous said...

How about the old "La Paz" spot? been empty for a LONG time

mindspringyahoo said...

I noticed today that the shell lot is way too narrow for the ultra-deluxe QT layout. I guess that QT is taking over the woods to the right of the shell??

Atlantan99 said...

Hello Mindspringyahoo,

Yes, the QT will be building on the site of the current Shell in addition to land behind and beside it. I believe QT's overall footprint is basically everything up until the neighboring Dairy Queen.

I'm sorry if this unclear in the post.

Thanks for reading!

mindspringyahoo said...

No need for sorrow! I hope that the QT doesn't serve softserve (i.e. it would be nice it tried to be a good neighbor to the DQ instead of trying to take a lot of DQ business).

There isn't complete overlap, but there is some overlap(softserve, slushies, hotdogs).

TheJohnP said...

I got gas at the Chamblee Tucker QT earlier this week and took a look at the area. They will have to take over the wooded area between Shell and the DQ to fit a larger station, which will give them access to the light at Dekalb Technology Pkwy.

However, it also looks like that land isn't level and they'll have to fill it in before trying to develop it.

Anonymous said...

What a shame! It doesn't seem we need 2 more QTs so close together. Our house was really hoping redevelopment at Briarcliff and Clairmont would support a walkable, small business environment-(think Oakhurst)-with appropriate commuter support- not an expansion of suburban sprawl.

Anonymous said...

Better a new QT rather than letting it remain as is. But get ready for the inevitable accidents caused by inconsiderate left turners into and out of the QT from Clairmont.

Anonymous said...

QT isnt viewable from Chamblee-Tucker Rd when you make a right hand turn off of 85 now (unless you know it is down the rd). One they move across the street it will be smack dab in eyesight and Im sure that is what they are going for...

Anonymous said...

The former Food Universe IGA's parking lot is now fenced off, so demolition must be imminent. It'll be interesting to see how they will surgically remove the IGA without damaging the rest of the old Briarcliff Shoppping Center.

In other area news, the Asian Buffet II in Williamsburg Village
has closed, leaving two large vacancies in that center. (The former Club Pure space remains empty.)

Briacliff Woods East Neighbor said...

Great a Gen 3 QT it will be an upgrade from the smelly IGA. Also maybe it will cause the Cheveron across the street to Close. I will never forget how the chevron raised gas prices by the hour to(4.99), during the katrina gas shortage in 2005. After that I never would purchase gas from them. I have seen some activity in the former Club Pure space, lets see what shows up there!

Anonymous said...

"I have seen some activity in the former Club Pure space ..."

Hopefully not another nightclub, with its attendant hip-hop/thug element and all the problems it caused!

Anonymous said...

We (the neighbors of Audubon) were SO hoping for a mini-Whole Foods or Trader Joes or even a decent restaurant. Alas, the 3rd gen QT will be an improvement, but like a lot of the bloggers, we're HIGHLY concerned about the traffic. I truly hope D. Co. is prepared to add turn lanes and possibly/finally a light at our own intersection, which would certainly defray some of the speeding on Clairmont as well as the impending accidents that WILL occur with the new QT. Almost everyone on our St. has been hit from behind turning left into our subdivision, myself included, and one of our neighbors was KILLED on the side of the road. Seriously folks, let's show our strength with our commissioners and voice our concern. Hopefully QT will be a good neighbor. It would behoove them to join us in our concerns.

Anonymous said...

I was at Clairmont and Briarcliff on Sunday. The IGA has officially been demolished. It is gone. A for the Club Pure space, I thought I heard or read that the IGA would be moving in there. Anyone else heard that?

Anonymous said...

The old Club Pure space still has a "For Lease" sign on it. And if IGA had planned to move there, they most certainly would have prepared the new space before closing the old location, to allow for a seamless transition.

Anonymous said...

This is disappointing news.

While I'm a fan of QT and I'm glad to see IGA go, the area really could have used something more "neighborhood". A small grocery store, a restaurant, a hardware store, etc.

Instead we get yet another gas station. I will say that of all possible choices for gas stations, this is the best. But we already have 2 QT's in the area, and the one on NDH draws a pretty rough crowd.

I wonder whether the existing small local businesses in that shopping center are compatible with the high-volume nature of QT. I wouldn't be surprised to see some of them go.

I will echo some of the other comments - would love to see the rest of the shopping center get a facelift as well as Williamsburg Plaza. Both are eyesores. Any news of the car repair shops leaving is welcome, they do not maintain their properties and are poor neighbors.

This is definitely a missed opportunity for the area, but let's hope that QT builds a nice store and it sparks some positive changes for the intersection.

Anonymous said...

This area needs some type of small area plan.

North Druid Hills Road from Buford Highway to Clairmont has the LCI study. NDH also has $25M of roadway improvement programmed into the upcoming TSPLOST vote.

But this corridor is very important. With the commercial activity at this intersection and the neighborhoods that boarder it and the churches and schools up Clairmont, there is no reason why there isn't more traffic control and SIDEWALKS all the way up Clairmont to NDH. I think there may be some transportation funds (not TSPLOST) applied to Clairmont, but I don't know the timeframe. At least the QT redevelopment will put updated sidewalks along both their frontages.

Richard said...

I worked at the IGA and saw the changes from when ED and Jeff and company and the new owners take over. I can't say the new guys were bad, but I think they didn't really embrace the community. They tried and introduced new items that would appeal to immigrants, which I thought was a good idea, but in hindsight, they didn't put enough money into keeping the store. It seemed that the store was always on the verge of falling apart.

It is a shame for the employees that lost their job due to the store closing, hopefully they were able to move on and find gainful employment.