Friday, August 31, 2012

Decades Long Emory Favorite Closes, New Concept Coming Soon

Jagger's Pizza on Briarcliff Road in the Sage Hill Shopping Center has closed.  The 30 plus year Emory favorite featuring square pies closed earlier this week and will reopen next Tuesday as Pizza Bella.  The new pizzeria will be under new ownership and will feature round pies rather than square.

Jagger's was located for much of its 40+ year life on North Decatur Road at Emory Village.  Oddly enough, it was situated almost on top of another popular Emory pizza joint, Everybody's Pizza.  Despite the close competition, both eateries thrived for many years.  Jagger's left the Emory Village area but reopened not far away, at Sage Hill in 2008.  Rumor has it Everybody's may close/sell soon as well.

What's your favorite memory from a  college joint?  Did you live in the area and will miss Jagger's and their square pies?  Are you excited for the upcoming Emory Point or do you think it will hurt Emory Village businesses?

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TheJohnP said...

They were the only place in town that touted "Atlanta style" pizza.

Anonymous said...

As of today (9/9), sign still shows Jaggers and they are open.

Lisa said...

As of today (9/9), the signage still says Jaggers and they are open.

Anonymous said...

NOOOOO!!!!! We LOVE Jagger's! This is such a bummer. Damnit!

Atlantan99 said...

Hello Anon,

Yes, the signage is still up but they do answer the phone Pizza Bella formerly Jagger's

nsk said...

I graduated from Emory undergrad in 2005, and I don't remember anyone talking about Jagger's, let alone eating there. Certainly not a place we'd miss.

Everybody's was mostly frequented by those living on main campus. Melton's, Maddy's, and Willy's are where we ate most often.