Friday, November 30, 2012

Salsa Havana - A Latin Bistro "Temporarily Closed"

Salsa Havana - A Latin Bistro has "temporarily" closed.

The local Latin eatery on Howell Mill Road in the same small center as the popular Mr. C's has closed, possibly as long ago as Halloween.  Salsa Havana plans to reopen at a later date.  I drove by the restaurant to see for myself what the situation was and as you can see, there was an oversized wood door covering the original glass front door, blocking entry. 

The restaurant's answering machine simply says, "Thank you for calling Salsa Havana, we are temporarily closed and will advise of future updates, thank you."

The restaurant has been open since at least 2007, but has undergone at least one expansion in that time as well as having been featured on the controversial Scoutmob deal site. 

Have you heard anything about the restaurant's closure?  Was this restaurant a favorite?  Did you never make it in and you're more concerned with the demolition of the landmark McDonald's across the stree?  Weigh in below. 


Anonymous said...

Heard from one of the nearby business owners that it caught on fire and owners are waiting on insurance money. If you drive to the back you can see evidence of fire damage.

Anonymous said...

that's a shame. when we lived in the area we frequented it quite a bit, especially once we had our daughter since it was very kid/family friendly. i'm not surprised though, it was never that busy after they moved from the nearby Publix-anchored plaza.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, once they got the boot for Chipotle in that Publix plaza, I knew it would be a tough go for them. That whole area at lunchtime, is pretty much a parking lot, impossible to turn left into there from Howell Mill, and not much parking to boot.

Anonymous said...

They had a fire and hopefully will reopen. Have always loved the place and the owner. Poor guy is snakebit, not only did they endure this fire, his house was destroyed by the floods a couple of years ago. Fingers crossed for their speedy return.

Grant, the Hipster Dad said...

I went there twice when they were in the Publix strip mall and really enjoyed them, but they fell off my radar. I hope they reopen; I'll endeavor to get back over there if they do.

EddieSpaghetti said...

It was an awful restaurant with no identity and what seemed to be family members with little to no service experience. Not quite sure how it lasted as long as it did.