Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Agent Provocateur Sneaks into Phipps Plaza.

Phipps Plaza is about to get A LOT sexier.

London England-based Agent Provocateur will soon open their first Atlanta area store at Buckhead's Phipps Plaza.  The luxury lingerie retailer will open on the mall's ground level in a space recently vacated by Sunglass Hut.  Sunglass Hut, notorious for having multiple locations within the same mall, consolidated their operations to their existing store on the mall's second level.

The opening will mark the chain's 11th boutique in the U.S., although it also has "shop in shop"s within Bloomingale's flagship in New York and also their Costa Mesa California store. 

Agent Provocateur opened their first store in 1994 and today has about 70 locations in Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Russia, and across the U.S. and Canada.  The company was purchased by London-based private equity and venture capital firm 3i Group Plc in 2007.

The company sells a wide variety of sexy lingerie and related items with thongs costing upwards of $170 and bras priced in the $250 neighborhood.  The line has grown to include sunglasses ($400 neighborhood) luggage ($1600 neighborhood), swimwear (bikini bra & brief set $400 neighborhood) and sheets, ($600 neighborhood)   The prices may be high, but this stuff is HOT. 

Agent Provocateur joins Soma Intimates, Intimacy and Wolford with stores nearly exclusively dedicated to the sale of lingerie.  This straight boy's vote is for Agent Provocateur.  Just saying.

Are you familiar with this luxury lingerie label?  Would you spend $170 on a thong?  Did you just go to the website and stare in amazement?  Please share your thoughts...


Sammy said...

What's up with the turnover rates at Phipps, Lenox, and Perimeter? How can all these businesses justify the move-in and move-out costs? Is Simon (not at Perimeter, I know) constantly recruiting and then cutting deals so much that it's worth everything to setup shop for a year or two and then leave? And the same goes for all the yogurt and high-end burger joints. Not just "how" can they open and close so quickly, but also "why" go through the all the trouble? I realize it's part of what this site discovers and relates to us, but I guess this garish lingerie store pretty much triggered this thought for me: Why does everyone seem so content (and eager) to wh*re it out these days?

Midtowner said...

This is a major score for Phipps, they seem to be on a luxury roll lately with Trina Turk, Hublot, Omega and Jack Rogers. I cant wait to see what fills the Carter-Barnes space - it's one of the best locations in the mall.
I've visited the Agent Provocateur in Vegas and it's a gorgeous store; I hope the Phipps location gets the same treatment.

Anonymous said...

This is a MAJOR score for Atlanta, and I'm glad that they've finally considered opening here. Christian Louboutin, Tom Ford, Carolina Herrera, and about 3 other elite names are missing from Lenox and Phipps. Once we get those, we'll be a true high end shopping destination. Atlanta's arsenal is near loaded

Anonymous said...

Both Phipps and Lenox have become way too high end for my tastes. Not everyone in Buckhead makes 6 figures. Took a walk through Lenox the other day and it seemed like most stores were geared to appeal to the 1%. I guess the rest of us are better off at Target/Best Buy/Kohls

Anonymous said...

looks like a ripoff of Frederick's of Hollywood to me. Sorry to see this trash land at Phipps.

Anonymous said...

"Frederick's of Hollywood???? Seriously, Anonymous (10:29p), you clearly don't know your lingerie!!!

Sharon Yancey said...

What is up with Phipps Plaza?
Went to Starbucks there and for a minute thought I might be in a peep show with the Agent Provocateur
store right across from the tight space there. I don't know what they are selling with their window display, but it is not supper. In a city that battles child trafficking, is this the message we want to send? Phipps used to represent high end retail, but I think they have sunk to a new low. The merchandise is one thing, that window is another.
I know I am probably in the minority on this, but good bye Phipps, with fond memories.