Friday, July 19, 2013

It's Bo Time in Tucker!

It seems that I received some inaccurate information from a reputable government source that I ran with and published a (now edited) post.

I previously reported that a Popeyes would open at 3220 and 3336 Lawrenceville Highway in Tucker but am pleased to say that instead, a Bojangles' is planning to open there.  (The location at 3900 LaVista Road will be a Popeyes.) 

Charlotte, North Carolina-based Bojangles' will open a new 2000 3800 square foot restaurant near the intersection of Lawrenceville Highway & Northlake Parkway in Tucker.  The parcel consists of a small apparently residential structure (3220) and vacant lot (3336) left over from when the new RaceTrac opened earlier this year.

The privately held chicken chain has about 500 locations in 11 east coast states, plus DC and Honduras.

Bojangles' was recently ranked No. 1 for percentage unit growth in the chicken segment by market research firm Technomic. "Bojangles' showed 5.9 percent unit growth, a faster growth rate than competitors such as Chick-fil-A, KFC, Popeyes and Zaxby's."

In March I announced news that Bojangles' would open a new location on Duluth Highway, its first in Duluth.  Though the chain has yet to venture inside the perimeter of Atlanta, this new Tucker location is darn close.  Bojangles' also operates restaurants in College Park and Forest Park, straddling the south end perimeter. 

Plenty of Atlantans, myself included, have been waiting for Bojanges to make moves in the metro and hopefully this opening is a sign of more to come. 

Are you excited to finally have a Bojangles' closer to metro Atlanta?  Where should Bojangles' open next?  What is your favorite fast food chicken chain?


Anonymous said...

Praise Jeebus!

Anonymous said...

Traffic in this residential section of Lawrenceville Hwy has already gotten pretty bad with the addition of Race Track. I don't think this rezoning should have been approved.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Bojangles will open in the previous
mentioned location for a future popeyes on North Druid near North Dekalb mall...

Anonymous said...

To anon July 23 9:11. If you did not want Bojangles in our area then where were you during the county hearings when Bojangles' Real Estate Director presented the plans to the Planning Board, Board of Commissioners, Board of Appeals and the initial presentation before the Dist. 4 Community Council ? There were a series of signs in front of the Lawrenceville Hwy. location posted by the DeK. planning dept. announcing the various hearings and the dates and times. You just can't miss orange, blue and white signs literally lining the sidewalk in plain view. Many of us in the community worked closely with Bojangles' R/E Director in reaching compromises in regards to our concerns and found them to be more than willing to go that extra mile. Unlike RaceTrac, who refused to meet with representative from within the community and specifically residents of the Pine Grove subdivision which is directly behind the location. Bojangles will definitely be an asset to our area based on community response. Give them a chance..we did. Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

To Anon July 24 12:38. I goes to Bo's!! Back up & read again. I would rather have a bojangles over popeyes. No attitude needed.

Anonymous said...

To anon July 24 12:38 I just think that side of RaceTrac is more residential, and the other side (toward downtown Tucker) is more commercial, so I wish they would have chosen a lot on that side. I drive past the site every day and have not noticed any signs. If they are there, they probably have generic info rather than "BOJANGLES WANTS TO BUILD HERE". I feel like the zoning process is deliberately opaque and scheduled to be inconvenient to people who work full time, so that you don't know exactly what they are trying to do. I live nearby and there has been an increase in home break-ins since Race Trak opened, and I believe it is due to more outside traffic coming to the Race Trak. QT has been there for a number of years and does not seem to cause any problems. At the end of the day, I am glad Bo is coming to ATL, I am from Charlotte, and have missed their food. I just believe that the location will be detrimental to the surrounding neighborhoods in terms of traffic and crime.

Anonymous said...

Anon July 24 136. Well now it's clear we are not discussing the same area.
Thanks for your insight anyway.