Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fresh News From the Fashion Cafe at Lenox Square

Work progressing on the future patio dining area at Lenox Square's Fashion Cafe
More changes coming to the food court at Lenox Square.

Simon Property Group is making even more changes than originally thought within their food court Fashion Cafe.

Sbarro, an established pizza chain, that has been in the mall for over a decade, will close as of February 27th.  Sources say their lease is not being renewed.  Melville, New York-based Sbarro filed for bankruptcy in April 2011 and emerged in November 2012 but reportedly is once again in financial trouble.  

Subway is also allegedly on its way out.  (Thank goodness)

Chipotle Mexican Grill is hoping to be open in May in the space to the right of the new Chick-fil-A, following the chain's entry into metro malls.  Last year, the chain opened an immediately popular location within the Perimeter Mall food court in Dunwoody.

Pinkberry is also opening in the mall and will likely replace Delights, an independent ice cream / yogurt shop that has already moved once within the food court.  (Their former space was originally a  Fresh├źns but is now the home of the soon-to-open Freshii, a "health casual" concept entering Atlanta with its first location at Lenox Square.) 

The new Fashion Cafe will sport new seating options and increased visibility and lighting.  Additionally, an outdoor dining area is currently under construction and should open in the spring.  


Anonymous said...

Hurray to Sbarro closing.. so gross!

Glad to see Chipotle going in, they have one at Perimeter now and it does a huge business and for fast food, is actually very good!

Anonymous said...

Much needed changes but I would like to go on record saying that Fashion Cafe is a stupid name. It's almost as bad as Craigslist's ads for apartments where the writer puts "Gourmet's Delight!" in the description / heading because the kitchen is from the past decade.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain to me why Chipotle and Pinkberry are opening when there's a Pinkberry right down the street in the old Border's shopping center and there's a Chipotle a mile away on Piedmont Road. Makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

pinkberry may be a bit curious but i can see it for chipotle. even though the locations would be close, they are serving too different markets - nobody is going to leave a mall for fast food/QSR and nobody is going to enter one either. chik-fil-a is going to try the same as they have the location at peachtree and piedmont

Anonymous said...

Because maybe the people at the mall will want Pinkberry and Chipotle while they are there and don't want to go drive to them?

I guess you should ask the same question for Chick-fil-A (one on Peacthree) and Starbuck's (two in Lenox, one in Brookhaven, one on Piedmont, one in Phipps, one down Peachtree towards Midtown).

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they fixed the HVAC down there too. You could grow roses in there in the summer time; it's so hot and humid down there. It's amazing how this space has evolved over the last 30 years. Atlanta Fish Market, Corner Cafe, General Cinema, Time Out arcade, Happy Herman's, Hot Dog on a Stick, Burger King, Arby's, and Barnie's Coffee & Tea have all had locations down there at one time or another. Not to mention Mc Donald's and Houlihans that used to be up in the front of the mall in the former Crate & Barrel, now Nike and soon to be Cheesecake Factory.

Anonymous said...

The more time spent outside of a mall the better. What a waste of life.

Anonymous said...

Unless you work there. Guess it's not a waste of life then.

Anonymous said...

Working in a mall is definitely a waste of life!