Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bonefish Sinks at Emory Point

Casual seafood eatery first to close at popular intown center.

Tampa, Florida-based Bonefish Grill has closed its location at Emory Point on Clifton Road.  The restaurant opened at the new center in December 2012 and proved to be one of the least popular restaurants in the project. Although I've been out of town on a quick trip, sources say the restaurant closed this past Sunday night. I've been to another area Bonefish in Buford, and there is simply no comparison between the two.  I visited the Buford restaurant about a month after it opened and experienced a 90+ minute wait on a Saturday night.  To the best of my knowledge, there was never a wait of of any significance at Emory Point.

Bloomin' Brands, the restaurant's parent company, does well with Bonefish and other chains like Fleming's and Carrabba's in suburban markets, but opening intown was ill-advised.  Bloomin' Brands, previously OSI, does operate a successful Outback Steakhouse at Toco Hill, but also closed their only area Roy's at 3475 Piedmont in Buckhead in 2009.

I frequent The General Muir at Emory Point, but last week found myself at neighboring F2o (Fresh to Order). After lunch, I walked the center to see what restaurants were busiest and which, in the case of La Tagliatella, just had lots of employees looking sad.  Based on my amateur account, clear winners were The General Muir, F2o and Which Wich.  Clear losers were La Tagliatella and Bonefish Grill. Eateries like Burger-Fi, Tin Lizzy's and Marlow's were all doing well, but not as well as the three I saw as leaders.

As many of you know, my latest DeathWatch post is many months past due, but you'd better believe that based on my experience last week and the tips I've gotten over the past few months, both La Tagliaella and Bonefish was on my draft.

With the closure of the Emory Point location, Bonefish is left with three locations in metro Atlanta, albeit all OTP, where they do well and belong.  For those needing their Bang Bang Shrimp fix, Bonefish has locations to serve you in Alpharetta/Johns Creek, Snellville and Buford.  If you really wanna drive, there are also Bonefish locations in Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, Macon and St. Simons Island. 

Based on a brief internet search, it appears another Bonefish in Staten Island, New York, also recently closed.  The restaurant, which opened in August 2012, reportedly closed this past Monday. Interestingly, Bonefish replaced a Carrabba's Italian Grill, a sibling Bloomin' Brands concept.  Both of the restaurants reportedly closed for "underperformance."

With such a nice patio and great frontage on Clifton Road, what would you most like to see open in place of Bonefish Grill at Emory Point?


AJ said...

I think Six Feet Under would do awesome there!

Jeff A. Taylor said...

Honestly, a more caz approach like a BoneHEADs could work for the walk-up CDC/Emory lunch slummers.

Anonymous said...

I think the only business doing well at Emory Point is the General Muir
No real reason to visit this property

Anonymous said...

Everytime we visit Tin Lizzy's (mostly Friday nights) it is packed with a wait.

Anonymous said...

Everytime we visit Tin Lizzy's (mostly Friday nights) it is packed with a wait.

Anonymous said...

I liked the Bonefish Grill, but you could tell they were not long for this location. La Tagliatella is next. Fresh to Order is always busy and Marlow's does well. So long, BG!

Anonymous said...

I agree next business to close at Emory Point will be La Tagliatellia, then I think we will see the yogurt shop and probably some of the women's boutiques close
This ITP property has a tenant mix more suitable to OTP

Anonymous said...

Love General Muir for weekend brunch!

Anonymous said...

Mellow Mushroom pizza would do great in that location.

Anonymous said...

Caribou Coffee!!!!!!

Kat said...

I agree w other posts, there really isn't much reason to visit this property. Maybe after they build the second phase & from what I've heard, there will be a movie theater and a gym.

Until then, I'm almost positive The General Muir will out last every restaurant that opens in this "mall". La Tagliatella is definitely next!! They're insanely slow & maybe have one or two guests at a time. As far as the retail in the area, it's pretty repetitive. The woman's clothing stores are all similar. I give it a few months before they're all gone too.

I think they should just stick to fast-casual places, like Marlows and Tin Lizzys. (They're crazy on the weekends!) This really isn't the area for fancy-shmacy. It is after all, a college town!