Monday, December 15, 2014

UPDATE: Sandy Springs Gateway Project

At rear, what is believed to be the parking deck for the residential component 
New project reportedly secures new leases 

The new Gateway at Sandy Springs project has reportedly secured leases with a number of exciting new tenants.  

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Cheeky Mexican Taqueria, PNC Bank, pH Wine Merchant, Alon's, Barre3, Spa Sydell and Luxury Nails will all reportedly open in the new center.  
Future home of CVS Pharmacy 
Additionally, Green Tacos will reportedly be the name of the previously unnamed eatery from Verde Taqueria owner Hil Rogers. In case your Spanish is rusty, Verde Taqueria translates roughly to Green Tacos in English.

The new Alon's will be Alon Balshan's third location.  The popular bakery and prepared foods emporium was started in Morningside in 1992 by Balshan and his father.  In early 2008, Balshan expanded the company to Dunwoody,  taking over the former Eatzi's space at Park Place, across from Perimeter Mall.  

The new Spa Sydell will be the chain's seventh location.  The number of Spa Sydell locations has ebbed and flowed over the past few years as the company continued to come back from bankruptcy.  There was previously a Spa Sydell location below One Buckhead Plaza on West Paces Ferry Road and perhaps this new location is meant to capture that business.  

The new Chipotle Mexican Grill will be the chain's third within a few miles.  There is already a Chipotle at Piedmont & Lenox Roads in Buckhead as well as another on Roswell Road, a few block outside 285 in Sandy Springs.  

Patrick Shippey and Anthony Yambor opened pH Wine Merchant in Peachtree Hills in late 2010.  The shop offers wine tastings and classes in addition to corporate gifts.  A 21-acre senior living residential development known as "Peachtree Hills Place" was to be built adjacent to pH in Peachtree Hills, but after nearly 10 years, has yet to take shape.  Although I was unable to get it confirmed officially, it's believed that the new pH Wine Merchant shop will replace the existing store rather than be in addition to it.  

Cheeky Mexican Taqueria has existing locations in Suwanee,  Forsyth and East Cobb.  The casual Mexican eatery is along the lines of a LongHorn Steakhouse for Mexican food.

With popular local joint Taxco basically next door, the first Willy's Mexicana Grill down the road, and a Tacos & Tequilas in Chastain Square, one has to question how much Mexican fare the area can support.  
Former RiteAid and AAA office await redevelopment adjacent to the new project 
These new leases are in addition to the previously announced openings of CVS Pharmacy, Tupelo Honey Cafe, Urban Cookhouse, and a Sprouts Farmers Market. The Gateway Project will reportedly also be home to 600 new apartments. 

The PNC Bank would seemingly be intended to replace the branch that closed over the summer on Habersham Road between Roswell and Piedmont Roads.  The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based bank is also opening a new branch on Peachtree Road in Buckhead in place of a recently demolished Wendy's.

The CVS Pharmacy (13,063 square feet), Urban Cookhouse (4100 square feet) and Sprouts Farmers Market (25,830 square feet) will all reportedly be stand alone buildings, while the other tenants will be "in line."  

The 21-acre mixed-use project, which replaced two large apartment complexes, is expected to open this coming spring.

While I'm a fan of a number of the businesses opening in the center, I worry about the impact that the project and its 600 apartments will have on area traffic.  


Anonymous said...

I live in this area, and while I am concerned about traffic, I was glad to see those apartments go. I think these new tenants will be a great addition to the neighborhood and I know most everyone I talk to is very excited.

Anonymous said...

I live in this area, and while I am concerned about traffic, I was glad to see those apartments go. I think these new tenants will be a great addition to the neighborhood and I know most everyone I talk to is very excited.

SB said...

Lot of Mexican dining options. Don't forget Bartaco opening about a mile south as well.

Anonymous said...

Traffic will be a nightmare. This area is already gridlocked at lunch and in the evenings. At least Town Brookhaven has Peachtree Industrial and improvements to Herman Rd.

Anonymous said...

This is the main problem with Atlanta. Build, build, build, without any regard to traffic impacts. Does anyone even bother to do a traffic study before moving ahead with a project of this scale? Isn't that required? All the politicians do around here is just grease the pockets of developers and vice-versa. It's pretty sickening.

Anonymous said...

I also live in the area and everyone I have spoken to thinks this is a horrible idea. I love most of the additions (I think we can put Cheeky’s on the deathwatch list before it opens) and welcome more walkability in the city, but traffic is always a nightmare and this is going to make it even more horrendous.

Sanni said...

What intersection is this being built in Sandy Springs? What's near by

Atlantan99 said...


The project is basically at Windsor Parkway and Roswell Road, just north of Buckhead, as the "Gateway" of Sandy Springs.

Thanks for your comments and readership!

Anonymous said...

I live within 2 miles of there, and am very excited for the development. The traffic impact concerns me if coming from the south (that stretch of Roswell Road between Windsor and Weiuca is a mess), but other than that small stretch I would expect it to be ok. The reality is that the space would have either been the old apartments (no thanks) or a new development. Can you think of a new development that wouldn't have had a traffic impact?

Too often we complain about traffic, but would you rather have the alternative? Crappy run down low-income housing? Really?

Anonymous said...

Any plans known for the vacant Rite-Aid?

Anonymous said...

I am in that area all the time and while I love new developments if all the 'crappy run down low-income housing' is torn down then where do you expect lower income people to live?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 2:53PM

As someone who lives in this area, the "crappy run down low-income housing" has brought in a lot of crime in the last few years. Most (not all) residents are happy to see those apartments torn down for that reason alone...

Sorry, I know this is not a PC answer, but it's the truth...

Amy said...

Alon's is not happening at this development.

Anonymous said...

I don't live in that part of SS (I live on the river) but I have friends who live in one of those 'crappy run down low income apartments' and am there regularly. I've never felt any issue with safety in that area. Are you sure there is actually a lot of crime in that area or is it just the 'perception' of crime?