Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Six Restaurant Counting on Success in Oak Grove

New restaurant coming soon to Oak Grove. 

Rick Adams, majority owner of Oak Grove Market on LaVista Road, has signed a lease for the former Mezza restaurant a few doors down.  Adams and partners plan to open "Six Restaurant," an American eatery, in place of the former Lebanese restaurant.  

Although plans for Six are still in their infancy, the restaurant's name is meant to relate to the planned rotating menu of six quality craft beers, six premium wines, six assorted appetizers and six entrees.  Entrees will likely be priced between $14 and $25, putting them slightly above the pricing of neighboring eatery The Grove, and closer to the pricing of nearby (expanding) Napoleon's and Sprig.  

Current plans call for Six to open early-to-mid summer and for the restaurant to serve dinner only.  

Adams has a long history of restaurant ownership in Atlanta, having previously owned both Blind Willie's and Limerick Junction in Virginia Highland, and currently owning Moe's & Joe's in Virginia Highland.  Adams also owns Oakhurst Market on East Lake Drive in Decatur. 

Are you excited at the prospect of another quality dining option in Oak Grove?  What is your favorite Oak Grove area eatery?  What would you like to see open in the former Beer Growler Nation?

Please share your thoughts below.   


Len Lancette said...

I can see that parking is going to become an even larger issue than it is now. Good luck. Look forward to sampling.

Anonymous said...

There is always parking behind Walgreens. Never see that area with more then a few cars.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how zoning allows all that restaurant space with such limited parking. Limited even more by the Woodward Academy students who park there cars there all day long and take the Woodward bus to school.

David Warlick said...

I'd like to see a reasonably healthy breakfast place that featured salt shakers on the tables but no pre-salted food.

Stan VanSant said...

We need a quality seafood restaurant.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a short-lived business venture. Not the surroundings for it, in my opinion.

Lanier Parker said...

Are you kidding?
The Grove, Napoleon's, Fellinis and Sprig absolutely tear it up in that immediate area; why do you think these folks are talking about parking?

Anonymous said...

There are no Woodward students who park their cars and leave them all day. There are only parents who drop off and pick up at 7:20 and 4:30. Kitchen Six doesn't even open until 5:30. I'm sorry, but there seem to be some other issues with that comment.