Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bits & Bites

Del Taco is coming to the new Kennesaw Marketplace development near the corner of Ernest Barrett and Cobb Parkways.  Cobb county has been an especially good market for the Lake Forest, California-based chain with existing locations on Chastain Road near Kennesaw State University, East West Connector near Sprouts Farmers Market and on Cobb Parkway near SunTrust Park.   There are currently nine Del Taco restaurants open in Georgia, with a tenth coming to Centerville (near Warner Robins) later this year.  Real estate sources indicate the chain is "very active" in metro Atlanta and there is reason to believe we will soon see even more locations pop up around town.  

Although the sales listing make a thin attempt to conceal its identification, Manhattan NY Deli & Bagel is currently listed for sale in Norcross.  The business, located on Peachtree Parkway near The Forum, was previously known as Grouchy's NY Deli & Bagel but had its license revoked last yar and adoped the more generic name.  The owner is reported moving back to New York.  Among the highlights of the listing are "Complete Turn-Key Deli Business – Make Money Day One!"  "Quality Deli & Bagel with Annual Gross Sales over $1 Million." "Owner will not sell if you talk to his employees!!!"

A new Aldi grocery store is coming to Cartersville. The new, roughly 18,500 square foot store will replace a former Long John Silver's and two other parcels near the intersection of Rowland Springs Road and M.L.K. Jr. Drive. 

"Beltline"/"Murder" Kroger on Ponce de Leon Avenue, previously slated to close in May and later June, is now reportedly due to close August 19th.  The dated and controversial store will close and be replaced by "725 Ponce," a mixed-use development that will include a new Kroger on its ground floor.  It's unclear what effect the Kroger closure delay will have on demolition and construction of the new development. 

Toledo, Ohio-based Marco's Pizza, a growing take-out/delivery pizza shop, is finally in the home stretch on North Highland Avenue.  In the works for over a year, the new pizza shop is reportedly on track to open next Monday, June 27th.  The Marco's pizza shop opens in place of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.  Another heavily delayed Marco's location opened earlier this month on Bolton Road adjacent to an Exxon gas station.  There are currently over 25 Marco's locations in metro Atlanta.  

The three Atlanta area locations of Gladys Knight's Chicken & Waffles were abruptly closed yesterday following a raid by the Georgia Department of Revenue.  The restaurants on located on Peachtree Street in midtown near Emory Midtown, in Lithonia near Stonecrest Mall and on Cascade Road just off exit 7 of I-285.  Gladys Knight is not directly involved in the restaurants, and it is in fact her son that authorities are after.  Shanga Hangerson, Knight's son, is accused of failing to remit over $650,000 in sales tax and withholding tax.  With penalties and interest, the total due tops $1 million.  As of last night, authorites had yet to serve Hangerson, who lives in metro Atlanta. Despite the closures, a restaurant representative indicated that the restaurant could be back up and running as soon as Thursday.  


AJ said...

"Owner will not sell if you talk to his employees." Sign me up! The ad says that? Seriously? Would anyone buy a business with that caveat?

Ham said...

Wow, let’s all show up at the deli and star quizzing the employees and see if the owners head explodes.

While I understand an owner asking the employees not to discuss things with outside individuals this seems over the top. I know some of you have been involved with restaurant/retail deals before is this type of behavior normal?

Also, does anyone remember a Del Taco near Peachtree Corners in the early 1980s? I believe it may have been near Winter’s Chapel, but I was kid and my memory is short. The reason I remember the place is it seems like they served beer and I thought that was weird in a fast food place.

Imandy said...

While any serious buyer should not speak to employees until you're in due diligence this listing is very odd but not unusual for someone trying to go cheap using a real estate agent to sell a business instead of a business broker. This agent has obviously never sold a business before. I'm sure Zoeys and Newks a block away have slaughtered this business not to mention Panera Jasons and Atlanta bread that have need there for years. I bet the books are a mess, I predict it just closes.

Anonymous said...

Del Taco opened a number of stores i metro ATL in the late 70's / early 80's IMHO, the food was much better that Taco Bell, but apparently I was alone in thinking this, as the owner of a large number of Taco Bell franchises in the area, bought up the Del Taco locations and immediately closed them. I am glad to see them return to the ATL market.

Anonymous said...

The Norcross bagel shop is several notches below mediocre, The owners have their head in the sand. There are always flies everywhere near the utensils and cups and tea and beverages. I suggest that Bon glaze turn itself into it a legitimate bagel shop so they can pay rent and serve the community better. They really miss the mark with these donuts. They are exact copies of many of the Dunkin' Donuts but for three times the price. No one is ever in there. I think they took someone's hobby and try to earn a living with their hobby. All the junk they put on the donuts don't make them great it just makes them different.

jeff a. taylor said...

Don't forget the del Taco at Johnson Ferry and Roswell, near the Dick's. Seems to do a bang up biz, drive thru open 24 hours.

Patrick said...

The new Del Taco has an amazing menu and they are indeed open 24 hours. The food is good enough to entice me into a 40-minute drive from the other side of town when I need a good taco fix, or a burger and fries or whatever. The food blows away Taco Bell. Glad to see them opening more.

Brett said...

Yes, there was a Del Taco in Ptree Corners at PIB and Winters Chapel. It's now Sushi Yoko. And, yes, they had beer and wine. Some of the old Grace Del Tacos had beer and wine. A Grace Del Taco in Panama City Beach had beer on tap.