Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Wade's to Hatch Next Year in Smyrna

New restaurant meant to complement park

Jason McClure, formerly of both FLIP Burger Boutique and the short-lived Villains in midtown, is working on a new project. (McClure maintains a minority ownership of Hi-Five Diner, Villains' replacement.)   "Wade's," a new restaurant planned for Smyrna, will be a family friendly, local restaurant.  Named for McClure's father Wade, who passed away a few years ago, the restaurant's logo features a cardinal, a bird the McClure's believe Wade lives on as.  

The two-story restaurant will built adjacent to Concord Linear Park near the corner of Concord Road and Hollis Street.  Overall, the restaurant will be about 3,500 square feet and will have a bar and patio on each floor.   In an effort to match its surroundings, the exterior of the restaurant will feature a dark wash brick with complementary window treatments and a large cardinal stencil on the Concord Road facing wall.   

Athens-based E + E Architecture is working with McClure to design the restaurant.  E + E has previously worked with Alex Brounstein on his Grindhouse Killer Burgers restaurants in Athens and Decatur, and also with Creature Comforts on opening their Athens brewery in the former Snow Tire Company building.  (Brounstein and McClure were partners in Villain's and now in Hi-Five Diner) 

McClure, a father and Smyrna resident, says the restaurant is "for the community," but says he sees its core demographic as 30-45 years olds with families.  McClure describes the concept as a "fine dining/casual hybrid," further likening it to a more approachable Husk.  (Husk is an upscale restaurant helmed by James Beard Award-winning chef Sean Brock, with locations in Charleston and Nashville, and new locations coming to Greenville,SC and Savannah.) 

Last night, the Smyrna Planning & Zoning Board unanimously approved  the rezoning of the subject property from LC (Limited Commercial) + GC (General Commercial) to MU (Mixed Use) Conditional.  When asked about about the restaurant's projected opening, McClure indicated his builders say he can be open by the end of November, but he is planning for a January opening.   

When open, McClure envisions hosting "occasional" live music such as acoustic guitarists.  Wade's will serve lunch and dinner seven nights a week, 11AM to 10PM Sunday through Thursday and 11AM to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Menu items will range from about $10-13 for sandwiches and low $20 range for large entree plates.   

Wade's will share parking with the adjacent park but will have about 100 parking spaces and is within walking distance of many single family homes.  

With the new home of the Braves, SunTrust Park, about three miles from the restaurant, McClure tells me there is a plan being worked out now to offer transportation to and from Braves games.  The planned service would be complimentary for customers and would be run in partnership with a number of Smyrna area restaurants and the City of Smyrna.  

Smyrna Restaurant Concepts, LLC is the holding company for the new Wade's operation.  I asked McClure whether, as the name suggests, there are plans for additional concepts, and he said yes, but the timeline would be dependent upon the reception that Wade's receives from the neighborhood.  

Are you excited for the addition of a new restaurant to the Smyrna area?   What items would you like to see on the menu at the "family friendly restaurant?"  A free shuttle to and from SunTrust Park, pretty sweet, ay?  

Please share your thoughts below.  


Ham said...

It sounds like a good concept I know families often have a challenge finding nice restaurants that can accommodate children. As for the Braves shuttle initially it sounds good, but will families go out to eat at a restaurant that offers $20 entries and then go to a Braves game? While I doubt many will I also suspect Wade’s will only need a few that do, so points for an interesting customer perk.

Anonymous said...

well, considering that a meal at the park will run you about $25 anyway, maybe it's not such a bad idea?!

Anonymous said...

Considering baseball start times, I imagine most would meet for a drink or 2 and then take advantage of the shuttle to the Braves game.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, the family concept will include a good children's menu with quality ingredients and decent prices.

Anonymous said...

I think it all sounds wonderful!! As a Smyrna resident within walking distance to the location, we are thrilled at the idea. This should be a home run... no pun intended :).

Karen said...

Really looking forward to the opening of this much needed business/restaurant in our neighborhood. We can actually walk a couple of blocks and be there in no time. As far as the menu prices, as long as the food is excellent, those prices are absolutely in the norm. My husband and I have a great deal of restaurant and food industry background and owning and operating a restaurant is so much more difficult than people without that background understand. Only 1 out of every 10 ever makes it. Wishing the very best for this restaurant. Just what this area needs.

Anonymous said...

That is great another bar to harvest drunks and drunk drivers...... If there was no booze it would be a great idea but whenever booze is involved it promotes trouble.......

Anonymous said...

We don't need another bar in Smyrna?
We don't need another​ whining b#@&h like you in Smyrna and yet, here you are.

bon said...

Can't wait! Right up the road from me. Hopefully it will be a new family friendly cool spot. Love seeing new cool places coming to smyrna! Excited about the live music!