Friday, December 16, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken Coming to Chamblee

Chamblee to get chicken chain next year.

Memphis based Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken, which opened its first Atlanta area location last year in Peachtree Center downtown, and has a second location under construction in Sandy Springs, has plans for a third location in Chamblee.  The Chamblee Gus's will open at the corner of Broad Street and Peachtree Road in historic Chamblee.  

Gus's will occupy an approximately 2,900 square foot space at the end of the center, identified by the large, wall that contains the restored Rust-N-Dust Antiques advertisement.  

Terminus Commercial Real Estate Partners is renovating and leasing the property where Dutchman's, a furniture and gifts retailer, opened earlier this year.  

Gus's Sandy Springs location is located in the 6500 block of Roswell Road, across the street from Sandy Springs Toyota.  The restaurant will occupy a newly created nearly 4,000 square foot space.  Gus's opening meant the closure of Clay's Sports Cafe and InstaLoan.  Clay's, a local wing institution for over 25 years, was expected to reopen in nearby Hammond Springs late this year, but has been delayed for unknown reasons. After hinting at an update earlier this week, Clay's updated their Facebook page earlier today announcing they are "officially opening towards the end of March." 

As it stands now, plans call for Gus's Sandy Springs location to open in late January followed by the Chamblee restaurant a few months later.  

A disagreement over use of an alleyway behind the Chamblee restaurant could have delayed the restaurant's opening but fortunately a resolution was finalized earlier this week and things appear to be on track.  

BCS Restaurant Ventures, LLC is the franchise group leading the restaurant's expansion in metro Atlanta.  The group previously announced plans to open at least five locations in the Atlanta market in the coming years.  

Where would you like to see the next Gus's open in metro Atlanta?  Who do you think serves the best fried chicken in metro Atlanta?  What other types of restaurants would you like to see open in Chamblee?

Please share your thoughts below.  


SB said...

Cool spot next to Southbound. Well hidden from Peachtree (Ind) Blvd. People will have to seek it out.

Anonymous said...

Cant. Wait. Best. Fried. Chicken. Period. I hope they stay true to the authenticity in Memphis.

Jonathan said...

Gus's by the office. Hattie's by the store. We're are set for hot chicken!!

vespajet said...

On a related note, what's going on with Rosa's Tex-Mex Revival, which was supposed to open in the former Chamblee Bistro space across the street? They were supposed to have opened in May 2015 and their last activity on their FB page was on 4/1/16 stating that they were hopeful to open within a couple of months and the web address listed on their FB goes to a GoDaddy parking page.

TheJohnP said...

So excited to have a Gus' near me. Been to the downtown location a few times. Still not as good as I remember back when I had the Memphis fare, but still top notch chicken.

Any word on when Michel Arnette's spot at Brown's auto repair is ever going to open? Or is that dead in the water now?

Atlantan99 said...

@Vespajet and @TheJohnP,

Both of you have good questions and the answers are similar. The owners of Southbound and Valenza / Haven etc. both still plan to open their respective restaurants but have been caught in a tremendous amount of bureaucratic red tape. The City of Chamblee has not made it easy for either project to move forward. To be clear, neither space has been "let go" of by their respective new operators, they are just both very much in limbo.

Thanks for your readership and comments.

Anonymous said...

How is it world famous? I have never heard of it and neither has my cousin in Kazakhstan.

Anonymous said...

Rosa's is waiting on Dekalb County to come out to do the gas line. It is a 3 month waiting list, and Dekalb is past the 3 months already.

Anonymous said...


The city has nothing to do with Brown's Auto or Rosa's restaurants not being opened yet...

Anonymous said...

The area is exploding with shopping and some food, but only one chicken place (Popeye's) on GA 400 in Dawson County! If you don't believe it, take a drive up 400 and check it out. I would suggest the middle of the day due to traffic on 400. It is crazy up here. A chicken place would do well. Some of what is here......Varsity, Chili's, Appleby's, Arby's, Moe's, Five Guys, Chic-fil-A, Chin Chin, Longhorn, Panera, Popeye's, Ruby Tuesday, Captain D's, Culver's, Zaxby's, and the usual fast food's and Mexican, Asian, and 2 Waffle House's, Subway, Krystal, and a few other's.
Space is available in a couple of new shopping centers as well as a few free standing buildings. GOOD CHICKEN IS NEEDED!