Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Brookhaven Provisions Flips to Fiorello's Italian Bistro

New Italian eatery coming to Brookhaven.

Brookhaven Provisions, the nearly one year old concept from the team behind the Cafe at Pharr, has closed in Brookleigh Marketplace on Durden Drive, just off Johnson Ferry Road in Brookhaven.  The concept, which ownership referred to a "relocation" of sorts of nearby shuttered concept Baci in TOWN Brookhaven, also incorporated some elements from the group's The Hungry Peach catering business and Cafe at Pharr.  Things never really caught on and the restaurant closed this past Sunday, seemingly without any notice to patrons.

According to a ToNeTo Atlanta reader, "Brookhaven Provisions literally after being open for Saturday brunch, abruptly overnight by Sunday changed hands and had a new sign erected on the building called Fiorello's Italian Bistro, complete with renovations and new decor in by Monday with a planned opening date of tomorrow, Thursday of the same week!"

I spoke to Mike Fiorello, co-owner of Fiorello's Italian Bistro, who indicated that Tricia Patterson, co-owner of The Hungry Peach and Brookhaven Provisons is still involved, describing the new restaurant as a subsidiary of sorts.  Fiorello did indicate however that Patterson will not be involved in the day to day operations of the new restaurant and that it will be his to operate.

When I visited the approximately 3,500 square foot restaurant space earlier today, it was amazing just how much had already been changed to make way for the new restaurant. Fiorello indicated that plans to convert the restaurant started this past January with much the staff aware of the change and transitioning to the new concept.

The restaurant will offer brunch, lunch and dinner with brunch and lunch entrees in the $10-15 range and dinner entrees in the $20-37 range.

Fiorello's already has a website up as well as twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.

The restaurant's facebook page describes the restaurant as "Authentic Italian cuisine; Casual dining with a Five-Star Flair."

The following story is found on the website and gives would-be patrons a glimpse into the family's Italian roots and Atlanta history.

"The name “Fiorello” translates as “little flower.”  Our roots trace back to Soccorso, Sicily where Nonno, grandpa, (Nicola Biagio Fiorello) and Nonna, grandma, (Maria Anna Frucella Fiorello) were born.  They literally grew up across the street from each other.  Nonna ventured to the USA alone as a teenager in 1955 to live with family in Altoona, PA.  She went back to Soccorso in 1959 to marry Nonno!  They came back as a couple to the Bronx, NY where they had 2 children, Carmela and Nick, Jr.  After the children were born, they moved back to Sicily for 2 1/2 years and Nonno opened his first tailor shop in the neighboring town of Milazzo.

They then returned back to the USA and moved to Atlanta, GA where Nonno began a long career as a master tailor for Brooks Brothers.  Nonna was busy cooking amazing Italian food and raising the two children when Cathy was born in 1971.   They moved to Decatur which happened to be only be 2 miles from Susie Rodriguez’s family.  Nick Jr. and Susie went to school together 1st-7th grade at Rehoboth Elementary and 8th -12th grade at Shamrock High School. Nick Jr. and Susie married and had two children, Michael Santino Fiorello (now General Manager of our restaurant!) and Kaylee Marie Fiorello.  

Our whole family is passionate about cooking, eating, drinking delicious wine, making and listening to great music and just being with each other and our friends. We have always had a dream to share this with as many as possible. Susie’s first cousin, Drew Messina, knows the Italian restaurant business first hand since birth, as his family owned Messina’s Famous Italian Restaurant in New Orleans!  Drew has joined our team and we have created an incredible menu combining Nonna’s and Messina’s authentic recipes for your enjoyment!"

Are you surprised that Brookhaven Provisions closed?  Are you excited for the openng of Fiorello's Italian Bistro?  What is your favorite local Italian restaurant?

Please share your thoughts below.


Anonymous said...

Not surprised at all as I called this the first time we went soon after they opened. Loved the food (and will miss the biscuits) but the space was so large compared to the amount of people there at any given time, and the sign didn't really scream that it was a restaurant. I also think the hours didn't help as there really aren't any offices around for massive lunch traffic (at least I wouldn't drive from Northside Hospital, etc), they weren't open for dinner and breakfast was only weekends.

Anonymous said...

Their link on their website to their FB and instagram pages take you to some guys profile. So weird.

Atlantan99 said...

@Anon RE: soacial media links,

I too noticed that hours ago...and was told hours ago it would be fixed. Apparently Mark Griffith is "setting up their pages" but linked his personal pages instead...ooops!

Anonymous said...

I can't find the URL to the web address anywhere, can someone post?

Atlantan99 said...

Anonymous said...

Fyi, I was in there the other day to buy a café at pharr chicken salad salad and she said they would still be serving a few of the Café at pharr popular items at lunch.

It'll be nice to have an Italian option in that area. Hopefully they can pull it off.

Anonymous said...

$20 to $37 seems pricey

Anonymous said...

This was a front. They were never a real restaurant and I doubted they did catering or takout.

R. french said...

I stopped for dinner last evening - had an appetizer and a salad - more than enough food-and both were delicious. There is a really large wine selection - and they are very knowledgeable about them. I want to return soon and try other things on the menu.

Eugenio Garcia said...

I too stopped by for dinner with wine and apps. I'd have to say every dish was top notch. If they can maintain that quality I'll be back. And with others in tow. Tables and chairs and general decor could use some sprucing up but it was amazing to see the transition that occurred in such a short time span!

Eugenio Garcia said...

I too stopped by for dinner, wine and app. just to check it out. All the dishes were surprisingly top notch. No quickie-like food. It really was what they indicated. The decor could use some sprucing up as the tables and chairs seemed a little worn. Perhaps that was part of the quick turn-around. But it did seem casual and I'd say the food was every bit as 5 star as indicated. Hope it lasts. No problem recommending it.

Annie Peterle said...

You can really tell that the food is made by people who love food and know what they're doing in the kitchen, and the wine list is excellent! It's outside my usual circle, but I'm planning on making the trek for a second visit in the space of a week! Hint: if it has Nonna's name on it - ORDER IT!

Anonymous said...

My family and I dined this evening with Mike. and his team. There's a lot of passion in this place and the food is spectacular however the arrangement of the dining room is very very awkward and half the room is filled with outdoor furniture and the other half the room is filled with the most uncomfortable chairs This space needs some work starting with the seating arrangements. The tables are all squished together and I think someone mentioned above or alluded to it that for a menu at that price point you're expecting a more comfortable dining experience