Saturday, November 4, 2017

[RETRACTION] Olive Bistro at TOWN Brookhaven

This past Monday, ToNeTo Atlanta reported that Olive Bistro had closed its TOWN Brookhaven location.  While that is true, the use of the phrase "belly up" in our headline was inaccurate and misleading, as the restaurant, as reported, was unable to come to terms on a new lease, rather than it going "belly up." 

The word choice in the headline reflects a lapse in judgment on our part. When contacted regarding the misleading headline on Monday, ToNeTo Atlanta immediately rephrased it to more accurately reflect the reality of the closure. 

ToNeTo Atlanta prides itself on accuracy and responsible reporting and in this case we fell short.  ToNeTo Atlanta would like to apologize to any and all owners, stakeholders, employees and customers of Olive Bistro TOWN Brookhaven for any harm this post may have caused.

As we mentioned in our earlier post, Olive Bistro remains open in Midtown on Ponce de Leon Avenue and in Smyrna/Vinings on Cobb Parkway and is also available for delivery via a variety of platforms.  ToNeTo Atlanta encourages customers to support Olive Bistro at one of their other area locations. 


a loyal reader said...

This reads like a hostage video.

Anonymous said...

Well managed failing restaurants naturally close when the lease renews. Just because they did not go bankrupt and break the lease does not mean it was a successful restaurant. Successful restaurants "relocate" if they want to at lease renewal they do not close. Perhaps the headline was attention seeking but the facts are the facts on this and you let a failing restaurant owner bully you for a retraction in a facebook comment. LOL

Anonymous said...

We still love you, Eli. No one in Atlanta does what you do here, with the consistently high level of quality, on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your news and updates. Please consider finding alternatives to limit your excessive use of "this past"...

Anonymous said...

Yep. It goes something like this:
- Blogger writes a post that maybe has a slight inaccuracy about a restaurant closing (but generally the post is accurate)
- Restaurant owner flips out and threatens to sue blogger
- Blogger is self-employed and can't take the risks or costs associated with legal threats
- So blogger posts retraction

Pistol said...

Contrary to the 2nd post this restaurant was not failing, and the retraction and apology was the right call. Landlord (as is their history) probably jacked up the rent so much that the business model no longer worked. To say "Successful restaurants "relocate" if they want to at lease renewal they do not close" is simply bizarre at best, and displays a total lack of fundamental knowledge of lease negotiations.
Many retail locations in TB have closed for the same reason (many have also gone "belly up"), and more are to come.